Essentials selection for spring-summer 21

The season’s fabric highlights for the fluid and tailored markets: all silhouettes, whether sharply cut, relaxed, softly flowing or highly tailored. Key cotton, linen, woollen and synthetic products for knit or woven tops, dresses, pants and jeans, women’s and men’s suits, jackets and outerwear. Highlights for eco-friendly products.

Consistency, lightness and the subtle irregularities of plant fibres shift the season’s Essentials towards a deft sophistication. Eco-responsible proposals are on offer, with proposals displaying increasingly refined handles, behaviours and aspects. 


Refined linens : a clear prevalence of linens this season, worked in blends, with elaborated cellulosics and cottons, in plain versions but also in consistently fresh colour-wovens. A springy behaviour teamed with softness, with refined, sophisticated linens devoid of any rusticity.

Softened fluidity : blends and pure cellulosics for shirts with a subtly satiny lustre and a sleek fineness. Tactile softness for floaty and airy colour-wovens, in men’s and women’s.

Figured voiles : ultra-lightness and transparency are much in evidence, enlivened by jacquards and elaborate structures. Cottony semi-transparencies livened up with linear and structuring reliefs.

Blouses / Shirts

Lightly shivering : surfaces come alive with subtle, barely discernible textures. Wholly ethereal crepes and creponnes , lively semi-transparencies, structured cottony gauzes and voiles, a sugary-sweet organza roundness.

Random shimmers : this season, reflections are moving. Tenderly coloured and almost matt satins, wet shines and shot lustres evoking leather convey a fineness and lightness, and now come in eco-responsible versions.

Petal-like handles : softened handles, with washed cellulosics and synthetics, creaminess and a runny fluidity in equally tender colour ways.

Sparkling lights : like countless buried nuggets, silks shimmer with a thousand fine, multicoloured glints.

T-shirt knits

Dry handles : in synthetic or cottony versions, surfaces subtly crinkle, fluctuating between terries and micro-grainies. A slightly rough dryness also found in lustrous and clean linens.

Essential reliefs : visible weaves, slightly rustic caning, substantial gauzes, honeycombs, contrasting and micro-figured piqués bring knit surfaces to life and even imitate wovens.

Silky reflections: draping knits with structured fluidity, or smoother refined knits are adorned with a discreet satiny lustre. A sophistication also found in ultra-clean, neat, dense and uniform compacts.

Iridescent shine : pearlescent shimmers like dragonfly wings sprinkle across the finest knits, and even transparencies are enhanced with the most delicate sparkles. Pleats, either partially coated or featuring an interplay of lurex yarns, are soft to the touch and vibrate under the light.

Women’s and Men’s Suits / Pants / Jackets

Moving textures : Suitings are characterised by marked weaves, basketweaves, gauzes and hollow twills, and surprising handles with gummy, ultra-fine crepes. Surface vibrations, with ultra-light and refined wool seersuckers.

Blurry visuals : classic patterns are clouded with softness: checks lose their neatness, grow bigger, and are broken down in warmed-up and vibrant colourways.

Majority linens : A linen-y influence for jackets and suits is very elegantly expressed. Yarn irregularities are chosen to give lively textures to suits. Linens are freshened-up, whitened and refined, never rustic, always the epitome of elegance.

Compact springiness : Ultra-light, neat and compact suitings, allied with synthetics for rounded, springy and dynamic effects. And invariably, invisible performance – for light, impeccable tailored looks, ready for all the new lifestyles.

Casual / Denim

Relaxed roundness : fancy-woven cottons with prominent, softened and rounded reliefs, to enfold with a benevolent feeling of substance. Artificial/natural blends for bounce and fullness. 

Skilful scrapings : cottons and linens display a lustre that can be either affirmed or more discreet, highlighting raised reliefs, squared diagonals and weaves, through scrapings and covering coatings.

Linen influence : a plant-based suppleness, for casual jackets and pants. Tactile and visual irregularities with finer washed and poorly ironed aspects, with an irresistible spring to them.

Resolutely impeccable: absolutely flawless cottons, with smooth, calendered surfaces, combining lightness and perfect finishings. Beautifully plain satins, along with radically square and infinitely lightweight ripstops.


Suiting spirit: smooth denims with a refined fluidity boast an unabashed elegance. Softness and shine are also imparted by blends with cellulosics.

Turbulent fantasy : indigos are disrupted by visual or tactile disturbances: heavy washings, random dyes and wash-outs give a non-uniform look to surfaces, and dilute colours. Tactility is heightened by the addition of linen, for dry handles and a subdued rusticity.

Skirts / Dresses / Pants

Substantial suppleness : sumptuous, heavy and dense viscoses for languidly fluid pants, dresses and skirts. Supple handles and dynamic behaviours are the signature of this season’s artificial fibres.

Uneven satins : this season, satiny lustre is broken by washings, and the most luxurious silks seem poorly ironed, yet retain all their elegance given their divine handles and sophisticated shades.

Wavy reliefs : the surfaces of silkies are agitated by small crêponnes, sensitive wavelets and shivering lamellas. Delicate seersuckers and true airy waves to wrap and accompany the body’s everyday motions.

Trenches / Jackets / Summer coats

Cottony density : ultra-sturdy cottons herald perfectly structured overcoats. Handles have an extraordinary density, whether on perfectly smooth surfaces or elaborate fancy-wovens. Skilful scrapings and waxed coatings can add a somewhat relaxed look to these elegant products.

Precious sparkle : tweeds are refined and adorned with sparkling glitter: inserts of sequins and flattened fancy yarns in combination with candid tones help bring a necessary element of freshness to summer jackets.

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