Éric Boël, Les Tissages de Charlieu

“A company rests on two essential feet that concern all employees. The first is of course the technical know-how of each employee required by a plant like ours where we have between 30 and 40 different trades and up to 165 specific tasks or components. The second foot, which we must develop further, is the knowledge to be together which influences our knowledge to be. It’s about the pleasure of being part of a community in which you can identify and apply your talents for the common good that is this company.

The 5 axes of motivation of an employee in a company are: first, that he is autonomous and responsible, whatever his position; second, that he feels recognized; third, that he feels useful; fourth, that he has meaning to what he does, that he has the impression that it serves something; and fifth, that he has pleasure in working and co-building with the people with whom he works on a daily basis in the company.

What seems important to me in the transmission is to inspire. I think that today all individuals seek this desire and perhaps young people even more because they will no longer work out of duty but out of conviction.”

Interview conducted at the Made in France Première Vision trade show on March 28/29, 2018

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