Enthusiasm-generating Reds

To activate the start of the Autumn Winter 21 22 season, we’re pleased to begin our sharing of ideas and inspirations with colour! Colour is an extraordinary force, enhancing any medium, material or decorative scheme – and colour is showcased with power and conviction in this season’s reds!

Transcending the singular, reds are plural, embodying an urge for an ensemble. It’s a rich and ground-breaking hue right down to its roots, as the earliest word for rouge in Latin signified colour itself. 

Reds can loosen the tongue, put a new spin on references and outline the lips. Reds are insatiable, and brands incorporate them right into their own DNA, as seen in endless examples ranging from the sensuality of Louboutin to the theatrical splendour of Christian Lacroix’s couture to the patented energy of Coca Cola and Ferrari. Red symbolises strength and power in banners of state, with flags and emblems fostering the multiplicity of its million tones, not all of which are even visible to the naked eye. Reds stand as symbols of living, impulsive and even brazen materials!

They initiate harmonies, and activate the Autumn Winter 2122 range to open up new perspectives. Three stimulating variants with an essential dynamic embody the founding basis of the season’s colour range. A trio that can initiate variable proportions to create fiery, grating or carnal combinations.

01. Fiery Red
A lively but not blood red kicks off the season with a passionate, dense and deep fervour. Like a fundamental need, a guarantor of life, a benevolent warmth, it fosters associations.
This is a generous and paradoxical red, highlighting “and” and not “or”. It evokes feelings, creating a dialogue between love and anger, courage and sensuality and mixes up masculine and feminine genders. It smartly and subtly plays on ambivalence, and brings a new depth of emotion to the season.


02. Active Red
A bright and intense tone that illuminates and inspires vigilance. Active red has a privileged relationship with light, and is the most easily perceived colour because it refracts most rapidly on the retina. Red is diffuse, like a luminous halo. Its light shapes volumes, sculpts the body in motion, and emphasizes lights and darks.

A red that does more than just beautify, not your classic red indicating danger or prohibition, but a red to signify attention! Attention to the values, responsibilities and resources of the fashion industry. An activist red that underscores actions and infuses them with energy, to implement the demand for change voiced by a generation of young people expecting an inevitable and vital commitment.

03. Oxide Red
A more primitive red matter, intimately tied to the cycle of life.
A primal red, whose high oxide content painted red the first continent with caves and the maps of the legendary navigators and discoverers of the New World. A matter-rich earth – used by the gods to sculpt men, as in Adam “made of red earth”. An invitation to a more optimistic future.

The very first pigment to be mastered, to paint and colour dreams, a colour that has stood the test of time, that has spanned the ages and tells tales of tomorrow. A fertile ingredient, triggering movement and committed creation.

Alive reds that invite us to take an enthusiastic dive into the new autumn winter 21 22 season.
Playing with the depth of different tones, combining astonishing and even paradoxical longings to spark a new movement driven by a desire for commitment.

Three reds for a true shot of creative power, fuelled by our own skills and activities.

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