Eco-sustainability: a Berto value

Berto Industria tessile was founded in 1887 in Bovolenta, Italy. This is where all of Berto’s production continues to be located, and thus its connection with the region is quite strong. Over the years, the company has navigated many sectors, conquering each of them with its contemporary craftsmanship: workwear, textiles for the home, shirtings and denim.

For Berto, being a sustainable business isn’t a final goal but rather a shared value. It sees sustainability as a process closely linked to research and innovation. Over the years, all of its production processes have been redesigned and improved to ensure maximum efficiency.

Yarns supply

Extraordinary products from extraordinary raw materials. All Berto’s yarn is tested by in-house labs with a very high accuracy. It works with a single, highly important goal: to guarantee the highest quality, in every fabric, on time.

  • BCI Cotton
  • Organic Cotton
  • Ecotec® Yarn

Berto Yarn supply

Berto Dying Process

Indigo dyeing process

Colours going beyond the imagination

Berto has two continuous dyeing: indigo and sulphur. Both are obtained by the absorption and oxidation of the dye. Continuous investments and advanced software guarantee precise uniformity of shades, dye fastness and thus a superior quality product. Berto also uses new generation dyes that save chemicals, water and electricity.


Weaving process

Quality, innovation, flexibility: cotton in ever-new interpretations

Berto relies on energy-efficient looms that ensure energy savings. With a highly efficient conditioning plant, they have reduced energy and water consumption by half.


Berto Weaving process

Berto Finishing process

Finishing process

Technology ennobles fabric

The aim of the finishing operations is to give the fabric a good appearance, the right handle and prepare it for manufacturing.

The machines Berto uses for the finishing process are the standard ones of the textile sector: they have been researched and designed in collaboration with our suppliers to guarantee the best fabric performance. Top technology combined with the best fabrics guarantees a wide and deep collection.


Quality control

Checking, constancy, customization… and more checking

Continuous checks during the production process allow Berto to maintain constant, high quality standards over time.

  • Visual checks
  • Physical parameters checks of fabrics
  • Fabrics laboratory: check of the consistency between the technical sheet and the product performance.

Berto Quality control

Organic or recycle, production is sustainable

Pianeta (meaning planet) is the fabric that symbolises Berto’s circularity and sustainability. In fact, the cotton yarn used to make these fabrics comes from their own production waste. Thanks to this re-generated cotton yarn, Berto saves 65% in terms of standard water use. Then, during the indigo dyeing process, they use a natural and totally biodegradable sizing. And finally they finish the fabric with a special new finishing process that reduces the litres of water used by 85% and CO2 emissions by 32% per metre of fabric, with respect to standard finishing. Berto has a 360° sustainable production.

“Bio eco denim” fabrics

In producing these articles, Berto uses organic cotton, a kind of cotton grown using methods and products with a low environmental impact. The indigo dye used for these fabrics is natural and stems from the processing of the leaves of the indigofera tinctoria plant, which is cultivated in southern India.



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