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This article is part of the series of articles resulting from the collaboration between Denim Première Vision and the French media Thegoodgoods.

Made in France brands

1083 – 109€

1083 makes 100% made in France pairs of jeans (except the cotton growth). It is a company on a mission with strong social commitments, relocation will and environmental concerns. The brand is certified“Origine France Garantie”.

Dao Davy – 120/130 €

Davy saw behind the scenes the denim industry, he decided to set up a handcrafted denim studio in France. Now his brand products denim for men and women, in his atelier, using mainly cotton, linen (yes ! The photo above), recycled cotton … The brand is certified “Origine France Garantie. Weaving, design, cutting, manufacturing and finishing are entirely made in France .

Atelier Tuffery – 170€

The oldest production of French pair of jeans is at Atelier Tuffery. Open since 1892, the Atelier is historically specialized in workwear. A few years later, more than 500 jeans are produced every day by French garment workers for women and men. Most denims are made of cotton and pretty recycled buttons. The savoir-faire and the manufacturing of all of its products are French. The history and past of Atelier Tuffery today is worth the EPV certification (literally living heritage company).


The super eco-responsible ones

Green Lion – 89€

Green Lion is an exemplary brand ! We present its work in detail in our brand directory . The cotton is exclusively organic, GOTS certified and the polyester is recycled. The brand has chosen to produce and manufacture only raw fabrics in order to skip finishing and minimize the ecological footprint. Green Lion has the Bluesign certified (they do not use any toxic substance during the manufacture. Production is carried out on a short circuit (Morocco, Spain, Portugal).



Knowledge Cotton Apparel – 139,95€

Knowledge Cotton Apparel is a Danish brand of eco-responsible ready-to-wear for men. You’ll find more detail our the brand directory. Denim is most often made from GOTS certified cotton, PETA also recognizes them as vegan.

Mud Jeans – 119€

“The circular economy guides every decision we make at MUD Jeans.” Bert van Son, the founder, was our guest on the podcast Le Sapping. We explain everything about the design of circular pari of jeans in the article Eco-Denim and about leasing in the article on Leasing, second-hand, repairing, upcycling : the new use of denim.


Wrangler – 89,95€

Jeans from the American brand Wrangler were popularized with the image of the rodeo. Always looking for best practices, the brand succeeds in working on Indigood, an artificial dye that respects the environment. The dyeing requires a foam (Indigood Foam Dye Denim) thus saving large amounts of coloring and rinsing water. « Foam technology use 100% less water when making denim ». Wrangler jeans are available for women and men. The jeans are however designed with 80% cotton base and not certified.

MOVIE Indigood Foam Dye Denim – Wrangler

Hnst – 135€

HNST is a danish brand for men and woman, 50% lade of recycled cotton fibers. Production is 100% made in Europe.

Outerknown – 128$

To produce beautiful clothes for men and women in a sustainable way is the mission of Outerknown. Each decision respects the environment and the people they work with. Jeans are made of organic cotton and their manufacture is in Italy.


RE/DONE – 245€

RE / DONE is the leading luxury upcycled denim brand. The jeans (for women) are made from vintage denim carefully gathered, cut and reconditioned as unique couture pieces. The set is made in Los Angeles. No corrosive chemicals nor harsh detergents for the cleaning stages. Save water!

Blue Of A Kind – Hundred euros

Blue Of A Kind is an Italian brand of upcycled denim. Denim is a fabulously moving and resistant over time material. Here, good old fabrics meets traditional skills of Italian master tailors.

Each object tells a story and prepares an other. The jeans collected are vintage or from unused stocks in France or Italy. They are neither washed nor stained again. The clothing industry is in a 50 km radius, mostly Italian artisans in traditional factories.

More about it on Leasing, second-hand, repairing, upcycling : the new use of denim.

Ateliers & Repairs – 150€

Ateliers & Repairs

0% new production, 100% production. Ateliers & Repairs’ mission is to reduce existing waste and useless stocks of fabrics. The brand offers unique pieces, repaired or recycled, with a proud look and allowing its owner to wear their values directly in jeans.

Ronald Van der Kemp – 1499€

Ronald Van Der Kamp is the first Haute Couture upcycled brand allowed on the runway by the Haute-Couture calendar for 2015. The designer, worn by stars like Céline Dion, uses only existing textiles and designs each piece by hand in local workshops. If the brand is Dutch is not affordable (several hundred or even thousands of euros for a piece), its role is not so much to dress as to being the first house of upcyling with a great success in the world of Haute Couture.


1083: Le Jean Infini – 99 à 109€ + 20€ deposit

After 3 years of Research and Development, 1083 is launching a real revolution: pairs of jeans made from recycled materials + 100% recyclable and returnable. The new denim produced by 1083 has been designed following the principle of eco-circularity. It all starts with waste, once recycled … that’s when the manufacture begins. These jeans are made of 100% recycled and 100% recyclable polyester, they are returnable and reintegrated post-consumers in a recycling circle, and this for life! More info on The Infinite Jean in our article on Leasing, second-hand, repairing, upcycling : the new use of denim.

Good news

Guess (It is the one you know) – 119€

The famous brand goes sustainable… please don’t blame the efforts ! The information is sparse, the raw material is a mixture of cotton (92%), elastane (2%) and polyester (6%) not certified, but the textile manufacturing process is described as water efficient. Likewise, the brand mentions using an eco-friendly indigo dye. Note : Guess is part of the Ellen Mac Arthur Foundation The Jeans Redesign program, which is more than encouraging for the future!

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