Soorty presents their circular product range

Soorty, a Pakistan-based denim weaver, was at Denim Première Vision last December 3 & 4 in London.

A look back at their circular product range.

Smart Loop

Cradle to Cradle, Soorty’s advanced design system for developing sustainable products based on a process of circularity, is proposed to the entire value chain, ensuring responsible production from fabric to finished garment. The Soorty Cradle to Cradle Gold Level range presents Pure-D & Smart Loop fabrics for garments.

The C2C verification of circularity via production requires that all components used to create products are efficiently low on waste and environmental impact and can be reused, repurposed or recycled at the end of their lifetime. Cradle to Cradle design and production aim to improve how products are made, used and re-used, ultimately leaving a positive footprint on the society and the environment.


Soorty has had a major success with its launch last year of a Cradle to Cradle GOLD Certified™ range of fabrics under the name Pure-D, an ultimate solution catering to the needs of millennials, Gen Z and Gen Alpha. After a year of hard work, dedication, and a focus on alternative and responsible manufacturing methods, the company is now proud to enhance their C2C verified range vertically – from denim fabrics to garment manufacturing – becoming the first and the only player in our industry to provide this level of enhanced circularity.

Smart Loop is the highest form of technology that aims for an eco-conscious mindset by collaborating with the design process to produce the most responsible jeans – closing the loop and embracing circularity. Smart Loop products are fabricated in Denim Kind, Soorty’s newly launched production facility with LEED Platinum Certification. 

Soorty Smart Loop

Soorty defines itself as “engineers at heart with a need to be regenerative by design.”

Moreover Soorty believes in the power of innovation, and is constantly exploring different options and seeking creative solutions. The C2C design system is inspired by nature and life itself, promoting circularity deeply ingrained with the concept of reusing, repurposing and decomposing.


Soorty is offering a wide range of options in the C2C category, with light to heavy weight fabrics in both stretch and non-stretch constructions, and garments of various styles and fits. The company believes sustainability is not just a lifestyle but a responsibility. Therefore, all the raw materials and processes used in the manufacturing of the C2C Certified Gold range are sustainable and certified.

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The time is here. Climate crisis, climate emergency – you name it, it’s happening. Things that were taken for granted for far too long are changing, and nothing is like it used to be.

That’s why this season Soorty has decided to dedicate their collection to our planet and climate change. From the very early stages of fabric development all the way through to the communications campaigns, each little detail has been handled with reference to the climate crisis.

As a company, Soorty happily refers to itself as engineers at heart with a need to be regenerative and restorative by design. For Sooty, design and development are key points of sustainable production and a responsible lifestyle. In the end, great design is about a greater purpose.

At its core, design is about improvement and making things better. Design thinking is the key to developing goods that allocate and utilize the correct resources efficiently. This is why at Soorty, they are offering their world of denim, designed for life.

Regenerative by design

Apply circular business methods to use renewable materials. Reduce. Reuse. Repurpose.
Re-love. Recycle. To capture value at each stage of decomposition.

The Climate Jeans collection is exclusively designed down to every single detail. From raw material sourcing to production methods, from the fabric woven to the article names assigned, from photo-shoot elements to garment finishes, each element takes into account the harsh climate crisis we are experiencing.

The latest photo-shoot was done in a specifically selected area in Turkey, in the middle of Istanbul, which used to have a lake that was later drained due to both climate change and human misbehaviour. The fabrics feature the most exquisite and carefully selected responsible materials, and are constructed for to last and endure throughout their lifetimes.

The collection includes authentic looks in nostalgia, summer whites affording endless possibilities for an artisanal feeling woven for trans-seasonal smartness, laser-ready and raw-off performance delivering industrial wash capability at the consumer level, summer layers you will love putting on, high-energy fabrics that help turn emotions into actions, the cotton-character family with texture you won’t be able to get enough of, and vast options in recycled, cotton-free and C2C families to ensure the highest level of responsible production.

These garments were designed and finished using the most eco-conscious technologies available on the market. From everyday essentials engineered for life, to worn-in pieces that use more technology and fewer natural resources, and less-is-more pieces that speak for themselves.

There is also a whole line of recycled fabrics offering up to a 99% – recycled blend, reusing waste (fabrics, pet bottles, cotton, etc.)

The brand named their fabric articles after endangered species, the planet’s deserts and energy sources. And many more details such as these have gone into the products

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