Delicately powdery

A certain kind of softness and delicacy emerges in this spring summer 19 season. Fresh and energetic pastel colours lightly dot surfaces. A powdered look with a vintage and romantic note evokes dipped into with delight. Traces of irregular chalkings, hand-pencilled patterns, sprayed splotches, washed out fabrics … Traces of time, traces of manual artistry lend a feeling of possible rebirth, and dizzying optimism.


A notion of clarity and delicate paleness sets off the offer at Turkey’s Nilba Tekstil this season. Fragile patterns with imperfect hues and chalky stripes soften the look of polyester-viscose blends, for a much airier woollen effect.


The fleeting and evanescent shades found in the leathers from Turkey’s CKD Cetinkaya are reminiscent of deep and precious velvets. Once dyed, natural semi-aniline skins are treated like denim, with stone washing techniques for a skilfully faded effect.


At France’s Florinda Sandri, this delicately powdery effect is expressed in the form of sunny irregular flowers that brighten up the spring summer season. Oil pastels, ink, and paint enhance entirely hand-made drawings and limited edition collections.


Delicacy emerges in vibrant gradations at C.D.C Accessories. The surfaces of brass or aluminium ornamental chains play games on shine and mirage, lending volume and colour to iconic models like Versace mesh.

At French tanner Megisserie Colombier, graffiti sprayed effects lend fantasy and modern authenticity to extraordinarily fine grained skins. Applied in all over, these traces of paint strengthen the tenaciousness of these natural yet super resistant materials.

Vaporous silks, delicate cottons and linens are found at Italy’s WEFT, which presents a collection of fabrics in fresh and light tones. Featuring both delicate powders and liquid watercolours, surface floral patterns play on transparency and contrast.

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