December 2017: an ever-richer leather offer featuring 26 tanneries

For the 4th edition of Blossom Première Vision, the leather offer is being expanded: 26 tanners will be attending, 5 for the very first time! An offer perfectly adapted to the needs of leathergood, shoe and apparel designers.

Come meet them on December 12th and 13th at Blossom Première Vision!



  • Calf specialists
    Tanneries specialized in calfskin, a material par excellence for luxury leather goods, will be specially honoured at this edition, which will feature the finest Italian, French and Spanish tanneries.
    Bonaudo / Conceria Superior / Conceria Victoria / Curtidos Badia / Masoni Industria Conciaria / Tanneries Haas / Tanneries Roux / Valori
  • Vachetta and suede specialists
    Cilp / Opéra / Gruppo Mastrotto
  • Specialists in goat leather and lambskin
    Carisma / Conceria Gaiera Giovanni / Deviconcia / Inducol / Indutan / Mégisserie Alric / Mégisserie Richard / Russo Di Casandrino / Abip
  • Taurillon specialists
    Curtidos Badia / Tanneries Rémy Carriat
  •  Specialists in precious leathers
    Centrorettili / Italven Pelli / Reptilis
  •  Specialists in hair-on and double-face leathers
    Sanlorenzo / Inducol / Indutan / Abip


  • Carisma (Italy)
    A major specialist in calfskin, lambskin and goatskin, Carisma has a savoir-faire par excellence in natural materials with exceptional handles for leathergoods, apparel and footwear. Subtle finishings and deep tones are Carisma’s strong points. Eco-responsibility is at the heart of their priorities and their raw skin supplies (from South Africa, New Zealand, Northern Africa) comply with the strictest requirements.
  • Deviconcia (Italy)
    The DVC tannery offers high quality know-how for working exceptional lambskins and nappa. Remarkably creative, the tannery offers a wide range of finishes: from natural finishes, to washed, pearly, printed, embossed, varnished, laminated … A specialist in skins for clothing and leather goods, Deviconcia provides a service to develop collections as well as customised support to assist the creative process of fashion houses. The tannery meets the latest environmental standards and is very committed to traceability issues. The tannery invests particularly in R & D and new tanning technologies, especially for wet white processes.
  • Mégisserie Richard (France)
    Based in Millau, Mégisserie Richard, a family-owned company founded in 1852, is known for its know-how in the manufacture of high-end lamb leather for the luxury industry for clothing, leather goods, shoes, and gloves. Their tanning principally concerns Lacaune and Entrefins lamb skins, combining artisanal processes with modern industrial manufacturing techniques.Classic or soft full aniline, protected full aniline, sueded, double-faced and fantasy: metallic, pearled, sequined, lacquered, wrinkled, aged…
  • Tanneries Remy Carriat (France)
    Since 1927 this tannery has been proposing exceptional leathers for saddlery and leather goods, footwear and furniture. The Carriat tannery offers the most beautiful skins, taurillon and buffalo, as well as a recognized expertise in tanning and dressing. Mineral tanning and vegetable retanning give the leather resistance and creaminess; animal and vegetable oils lend the leathers suppleness and softness for an aniline full-grain, matt or shiny, glazed, patinated or nubuck finish… all in rich and deep tones. At the forefront of environmental standards, Carriat also offers a wide range of technical applications (Fire, Aviation, Outdoor standards…).


  • Italian Converter (Italie)
    Italian Converter was founded in 1994 in Italy, and offers a range of innovative fabrics specially for footwear, leather goods and clothing.
    A bi-stretch specialist, Italian Converter focuses on innovation and a constant search for novelties, to enhance materials and surprise designers.
    Technical materials for sport, faux leathers, metallic effects, sequins … a whole host of materials for the wildest needs. With a team of more than 120 people, the company is currently developing custom projects.
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