Dash Studio: Colorful Foliage

Dash Studio is a Brazilian brand created by Rafael Santos in 2013, when he decided to unite his greatest passions: Fashion, art and graphic design. Today, Dash Studio operates globally, working for clients from the United States, France, England, Spain, Germany, China and the Netherlands.

The studio agreed to answer a couple of questions for us.


What are the main themes/trends in your collection for the season? Tropical landscapes, Seven Seas, artistic foliage and Retro Scarfs are our main themes of this season. In this collection, we wanted to rescue a cool vibe of travel with prints of paradisiacal destinations around the world and with great emphasis on Brazil and its natural and cultural beauties.

What’s your company’s most important announcement for this edition? Consumers are traveling the world for short periods of time, brands are increasingly expanding horizons opening stores worldwide, and we feel a growing need for create prints for various seasons. This is our first collection that we did not identify with a season, but we offer mini collections with varied themes to serve all the needs of our customers around the world.

Do you have any special designs for the US market? We will have a collection specially designed for the American market. We try to represent the American way of life and preferences. Chic and delicate flowers, minimalistic and abstract foliage with a small number of colors and sophisticated prints with a touch of irreverence are key points for this special collection that we will be pleased to present for the first time in New York.

Do you have any other information you’d like to share? We are delighted to be able to participate in this issue of Pemière Vision NY and be able to share a creative and authentic view of everything that is happening in the world with new original approaches to a variety of aesthetic influences, resulting in dazzling prints.

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