At the Boudard school, it’s in the bag!

The Boudard school is part of the leather department of the apprentice training centrer in Bethoncourt, in the Montbéliard region. Founded by Georges Boudard and specialising in fine leather goods and saddlery, the school has been identified for several years by Hermès as an interesting centre of expertise for the training of luxury craftsmen.

The Hermès Franche-Comté cluster therefore commissioned the institution to train nearly three hundred and fifty people in the trade of leatherworker and fifty others in the trade of cutter-preparator. The training is open to all ages and all professional profiles, the essential being to have manual skills adapted to the subtlety of high-end leather work. The saddler’s job requires particular gestures and great dexterity. The training is oriented towards work at the workbench: sewing, jewellery laying, finishing, knowledge of tools and skins, technical art drawings and calculation applied to the trade. It is carried out in 8 to 12 months with the possibility of a professionalization contract.

At the Boudard school, tutors are not only vouching for transmission-reproduction but also for experimentation and help the apprentices find their own solutions. At the end of their training, having become “craftsmen at the table”, they know all the gestures of the leather goods trade by heart. They are able to make, for example, the most iconic pieces of the prestigious Hermès house and have the possibility of joining the Hericourt, Seloncourt and Allanjoie factories. Dedication, manual work and high standards thus give birth to new leather craftsmen who perpetuate one of the most recognised French know-how.


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