An interview with Mr.Shinichi Hirata, Head of the Overseas Sales Team at Hokkoh

“We cultivate our own originality with a special Japanese essence”



Today, the Première Vision Marketplace talks to Mr. Hirata, head of the Overseas sales team of Japan’s Hokkoh…

This gave us a chance to have Mr. Shinichi Hirata tell us more about his company and the highlights of the next season collection.


Hokkoh is a Japanese company specializing in prints, yarn-dyeds and fabrics with finishings based on Japanese technology.


They use a wide variety of Japanese printing techniques. Each year they create over 600 new prints on stock, as well as custom and on-demand motifs.


Hello Mr. Hirata, can you start us off by introducing yourself?

Hello and nice to meet you. I am Shinichi Hirata, and I head up the overseas sales team for the Hokkoh company.

What would you say is the unique feature of Hokkoh and its products?

We offer a range of fabrics we keep in stock, mostly printed cotton fabrics, but we also have polyester, nylon, linen and rayon… we also provide fabrics upon demand and customised textiles.





Eco-responsibility is now more than just a trend, it’s a central focus of the entire industry. What are Hokkoh’s own initiatives in this sector?

Hokkoh uses eco-responsible fibres such as organic cotton, recycled polyester and cupro… The fact that we keep fabrics in stock also means our customers only have to buy the quantity needed for their product developments. We also offer digital prints in small quantities.


How important is being “Made in Japan” to Hokkoh, and what does it mean for your company?

For us, “Made in Japan” is a guarantee of fine quality, service and creativity.


Can you tell us about your customers – what are they specifically looking for in your collections?

Our customers are looking for both the unique and creative characteristics of our fabrics. They also want to have the widest possible choice.

Creativity is the bedrock your collections. Can you describe the creative process at Hokkoh? What are your specific sources of inspiration?

Our company has been in business for over 40 years. As a result, we have built up an archive and a solid experience that we make available to our clients.


Can you give us the highlights of the Autumn-Winter 20/21 collection you presented at the PV Paris show, which is currently on the Marketplace?

This season, we have many print proposals. For example, for men’s clothing, we focused on Hawaiian flowers, camouflage prints and paisleys.





ln our women’s lines, we used big flowers, all­ over florals, geometric patterns andanimal motifs. And of course, as a Japanese company, we also highlight Japanese designs such as Wagara and Kimono style prints.





What are your expectations regarding the Première Vision Marketplace?

We hope that the platform connects us with even more customers.


Discover the on-line products of the company Hokkoh.





Hokkoh is a Japanese company specializing in Design, Manufacturing and Selling of Textiles centering on a cotton Design, Manufacturing and Selling of customized prints Business which is accompanied above (quilting or lamination etc.)



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