A teaser of what you’ll discover at PV Perspectives SIS 21 !

Enhanced with new synergistic media and sensory experiences, the show’s presentation of spring summer 21 invites you to dive into the season’s 4 major directions. In the heart of the PVPerspectives forum and its selection of the most targeted and pertinent products, immerse yourself in emotionally-stirring, inspiring and lively spaces.

Let yourself be absorbed by the shifting colours and lights, surprised by moving images, troubled by rustling noises or carried away by the sounds of an exclusive musicality. You’ll be invited to experience tangible or fleeting sensations, to make your way through singular suspensions

Share the thrill with others or in private, remain a bemused or amused observer, acquire and download the sound creations.
Be active and engaged spectators, photograph yourself inside the space, play with mirrors and lost points of reference, to experience this spring summer with a new rapture and determination!

Come discover the season in its entirety and enjoy your own experience at the Première Vision Paris show next 11 – 13 February!

Display : Niko Neki
Sound Design : BretzelLab
Images : Medialight
Graphics : Bianca Marvin
Artists : Scott Garner, Dirk Koy, Jacques Perconte, Anthony Samaniego 

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