A behind the scenes look at our S/S 21 image

Like spring-summer 21 itself, the new Première Vision Paris campaign expresses the desire to open up new perspectives, broaden the scope of possibilities and, above all, take action.

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Our new campaign by Khanh Nguyen

This 23-year-old photographer was born in Vietnam but left with his family at a young age, and now resides in Australia. His fascination with photography started at the age of 18, and he has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). Today, he pursues his own work as well as collaborating with several luxury brands, each captivated by his highly sensitive approach, founded on a deeply personal, powerful and poetic imagination.

©Khanh Nguyen

How do you define your photography? Tell us about your creative process…

Most of my work is inspired by daily life, by an idea that comes from observing what goes on in the everyday. Then I draw some sketches to get an idea of the image I would like to achieve, and after that I try to find the accessories, the colour clothing that will fit in the location where I want to take the photos. My photography has a certain lightness, it leaves room for the imagination while being anchored in a narrative.

Is this image a part of a series? How does it fit into your career?

It’s part of a series focusing on this transition to the adult universe, that moment when we leave childhood and a world that is watching over us. It also represents the person I am becoming, the photographer that I’m working to become.


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