6 new ateliers at Maison d’Exceptions

The next edition of Maison d’Exceptions will be held in February 2020 with a new location in hall 6.

6 new artisans among the 24 selected will enter this privileged space. Discover a preview of their rare and specialized know-how.

7Weaves – India

Located in the Assam region of north-east India, 7Weaves produces weavings from Eri silk, an entirely handmade fibre typical of the region. The colours come from natural dyes made with endemic plant species. The company was created in 2017 with the aim of using its activity to support the indigenous communities of the Loharghat forest and preserve both their artisanal know-how and local biodiversity. These social and environmental goals are cleverly combined with an aesthetic approach focused on elegance and authenticity.

Atelier Richard de Latour – France

 Hand painting, screen printing, needle tufting, cut-outs, embroidery, lamination…in his workshop, Richard de Latour develops and reinvents new techniques for embellishing textiles through the juxtaposition of different methods.

To offer fresh inspirations and unique materials to the haute couture, ready-to-wear and interiors sectors, Richard de Latour experiments with a multitude of combinations, conjugating a palette of different appearances and textures in order to embellish textiles and leather.

Aurélie Lanoiselée – France

 Specialised in hand embroidery and crochet, Aurélie Lanoiselée produces unique items and limited editions, combining a variety of embellishment and dyeing techniques with findings.

Since the mid-2000s, Aurélie has offered her expertise and extensive savoir-faire to the haute couture, art, design and interiors sectors. She likes to describe herself as a textile interpreter, tasked with translating the desires, emotions and sensations of design studios in order to make each project unique.

Lucie Touré – France

Drawing on her years of experience in Parisian textile workshops, Lucie Touré combines work on paper with textile embellishment techniques. Woven, embroidered, beaded or worked with delicate and precise assembly techniques borrowing from the jewellery making professions: her openwork creations give paper incredible preciousness and finesse.

The infinite combinations of materials and the kaleidoscope of artisanal techniques used offer new creative horizons.

Superlativa – Italy

Superlativa combines the nobility of genuine mother-of-pearl with brand-new and environmentally friendly veneering technology. This new material comes in the form of a flexible microfilm and preserves all the magic and reflective properties of mother-of-pearl.

It can be applied to rigid and flexible surfaces and Superlativa can be used in a wide variety of sectors including fashion, jewellery, timepieces, eyewear, interiors and even the automobile sector.

Xavier Brisoux – France

A specialist in knitted fabrics, Xavier Brisoux transcends traditional techniques and creates knitted volumes that appear to have been inspired by draping, pleating or smocking.

His mastery of knitting produces items of extreme density and he focuses on garment volumes, row after row and stitch after stich, with yarns becoming veritable sculptures, thus highlighting the duality of textiles, the dichotomy between fragility and strength.

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The access to Maison d’Exceptions is upon accreditation only, send a request HERE

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