Smart Creation

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 22

We discuss the potential of sustainable fashion with Célia Poncelin, Chief Marketing Officer at Heuritech

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 21.

We are pleased to welcome Marie-Emmanuelle Demoures, Head of Product at Balzac Paris.

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 20.

For this episode, we are pleased to welcome Kenji Higashi,Head of Business Development & Sustainability at Spibe...

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 19

“We keep our customers because we have this real eco-friendly way of working.” Olivier Raynaud, Owner and...

The new geography of eco-responsible sourcing

How and to what extent are environmental and eco-responsibility concerns redefining the global mapping of textile sou...

Is the next generation of sustainable fashion i...

The February edition, hosted a panel of three innovators leading us into a new age of materials and processes and com...

Google Jacquard to make any clothing smart

Report on the conversation between the Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode and Google Jacquard Europe.

Blockchain 101 for Fashion and Luxury

Report on the use of Blockchain technology in the fashion and luxury industry.

Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 18

« Going slowly but be sure that everything in your company is according to your values. » Kevin Germanier

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