Technical items are tackling the fashion slopes

Designers have had a love affair with technical products for a while now but this phenomenon is gaining momentum.
Mountain-climbing accessories are now tackling the fashion slopes, adopting diamanté and polished metal, refined coatings and elegant proportions.
With the trend for removable straps, the snap hook has become an essential item in leather goods. Reworked by designers, its lines are cleaner; we find it in a triangular or square format at Oriental Button. Similarly geometric are the pentagonal buckles from Amom, in line with the passion for perfect shapes.
Meanwhile, the safety buckle is carving out a niche in all collections. From Tarducci Massimo, which coats it in leather, to ABC Morini who interprets it in a duo of materials, with a pale gold upper, the luxury universe is not short on ideas for transforming this usually functional accessory into a precious and decorative clasp.
There is even a miniaturised, delicate version from Muehlmeier, ideal for lingerie. But not only for that sector: sportswear is always looking for lighter products, athleisure is seeking more seductive technical products, urban mobility requires greater discretion, and they all appreciate these new, smaller formats.
Janisset, a manufacturer of straps and harnesses, has even made bracelets from its woven nylon.


Proof, if it were needed, that technical can do glamour.