When Tintes Egara meets Emina Batik

“The return to the future looking to the past”

During the upcoming edition of Denim Première Vision on 13th & 14th October in Milano, Tintes Egara (garment dye house) since 1957 presents together with Emina Batik “The return to the future looking to the past” using old batik techniques later dyeing with natural and indigo dyes with the minimum of water and energy consumption trying to be the maximum of sustainable, to give as gifts to its visitors in the show , where you can see the complete process of making them.

Emina Batik

Emina is Giulia Perin, an Italian anthropologist and craftswoman who spent the last years in Indonesia to study the local traditional techniques of textile design. Since 2016, she has partnered with the most renowned personalities in the Indonesian contemporary batik art scene to create a collection of scarves and experimental gowns, inspired by classic decorative patterns of precolonial Indonesia. She creates unique items collections using 100% natural fiber, dyed with self-made, non-toxic vegetable dyes, to create garments that respect the environment and the wearers.

Tintes Egara

Tintes Egara is a 64-year-old company in which the third generation is already working and that has been adapting to the needs of the market always with the aim of being the maximum possible sustainability and applying the most appropriate treatments. beneficial for the planet and the people who wear the garments treated by them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet them at Denim Première Vision!

#1 See you on October 13 & 14 at Superstudio Piú in Milan for the big return of our physical shows!
#2 And from October 10 to 15 on for the 3rd edition of the Digital Denim Week!

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