The new Denim PV Berlin uniform: Fade out Label x Alessio Berto

Denim PV Berlin is fast approaching and as it is tradition every edition, the show is unveiling a new stylish denim uniform to dress the hosts & hostesses on May 17 & 18 at the Arena Berlin.

Imagined by Andrea Bonfini, owner of Fade Out Label, patterned by Alessio Berto at The Tailor Pattern Support and produced by Fashionart with Calik Denim and Cadica Group labels, this cool overall outfit is the result of an exclusive and one-of-a-kind collaboration.

A creative collaboration between a designer…

Andrea Bonfini is the founder and designer behind the Berlin-based unisex denim line FADE OUT Label. Committed to a sustainable and timeless approach in design, Andrea works primarily with denim bought at charity stores that he then deconstructs and reassembles to create new and unique handcrafted silhouettes using patchwork and dyeing techniques.

What was your inspiration for the new Denim PV outfits?

Andrea Bonfini: “To design the hostesses outfit for Denim Premiere Vision Berlin 2022, I was inspired by the “TUTA” of the futurist artist Thayaht, who in the 1920s was the first to bring the overalls from the factories (where it was usually worn) to the streets, ready to be worn for any occasion: urban wear, unisex and dynamic.”

Can you talk about the style of the outfit?

Andrea Bonfini: “In this case we have chosen two denim fabrics (strictly unwashed) with two different weights and two chromatic tones of dark blue. The accessories have shiny metal finishes, and the silhouette recalls the 80s cuts, with an oversize fit, tightened at the waist by a belt. But it is the details of the labels and the metal ring on the back that further embellish this garment.”

Find out more about Fade Out Label’s style and immerse yourself in Andrea’s world Thursday May 19th at 12pm during the Digital Denim Week.

You will also have the chance to discover an exclusive Fade Out Label capsule collection at Denim PV Berlin created for the PV Denim Fashion District experience.

…. a pattern maker…

Alessio Berto is a master in the art of pattern making. His passion for fashion started early, at 15 while leafing through fashion magazines at the library, and then at 17, when he decided to enroll in a pattern making course but started working even before finishing the class.

With an early passion for denim, he has worked for Italian and international companies and with big denim names, such as Replay, Gaultier Jeans, Katharine Hamnett, Makenzie, DKNY, Sport Chanel and many more.

“Compared to other materials, denim has peculiarities that must be followed and respected, it is a world apart.” – Alessio Berto.

Today, Alessio is running his own studio, The Tailor Pattern Support, that he founded 10 years ago so he could move from denim to formal to sportswear, and manage the development of an entire collection. He is also sharing his unique know-how with students, insisting on technicity, explaining that there are steps that cannot be neglected, and that figures are very important.

Alessio Berto is no stranger to Denim PV since it’s already the third time that he collaborated on the creation of the hostesses outfits for the show!

How did the collaboration between you and Andrea Bonfini started for this project?

Alessio Berto: “Denim Premiere Vision’s show manager Fabio Adami asked me to create the outfits designed by Andrea. Together with Andrea we discussed the fit and the materials to understand how to create a single garment that was genderless. He passed on his inspiration to me and I technically made the pattern to realize his thought in 3D.”

What shapes are you working on for the new Denim PV uniform?

Alessio Berto: “The shapes are very oversized with a delicate balance that must still be there being genderless. There are fabrics with different weights, cuts and proportions that must be calculated well.”

What are the steps involved in the development of a garment, from the designer’s idea to the finished product?

Alessio Berto: “The process has changed a lot in the 36 years I’ve been in the industry. What is needed today is professionalism and efficiency. In the end, we started from a design, which must be explained well, we need a pattern maker, who knows how to interpret it quickly without wasting time and materials, a quality fabric and a quality manufacturing that avoids errors and keeps the quality high. The garments must be sold, and the peoples must feel good in them.”

Alessio Berto working in his studio and the first fit of the Denim PV outfit.

… and Denim PV exhibitors.

The main goal behind the show’s outfits is not only to make the welcome team look cool in denim, but also to show how the denim community works together to create the most creative and high-quality garments.

For this edition, the outfits designed & finished by Andrea and shaped by Alessio were produced by Fashionart with Calik Denim and Cadica Group accessories.

FashionArt is a company focused on luxury fashion and design. They are experts in designing and producing fashion garments based on their long experience and custom approach. From the initial idea to the final product, all production is thought out with a creative, exclusive and high-quality approach. Of particular importance is the major project begun four years ago to create a production chain in a sustainable “Compliance world” system, with a focus on an Ethics Code.

Visit the company’s page on the Marketplace and meet the team in Berlin stand B20.

Calik Denim is one of the global actors in denim fabric production and is also among the two hundred companies that export the most in Turkey. Since 1987, the company has grown up to have a production capacity of 50 million meters per year. Over the years the company became a science center by combining its broad knowledge in fabrics with new technologies through R&D. Today, Calik Denim’s R&D Center paves the way producing game-changing fabrics for Turkish and global textile industries.

Visit the company’s page on the Marketplace and meet the team in Berlin stand D13.

Created in 1974 in Capri, Italy, Cadica Group is specialized in the production of hangtags and labels. Today, the company is offering a broad array of products, services and solution to meet every customer’s needs. “The ethical choice” is Cadica’s special sustainable collection using recycled, biodegradable, organic or renewable resources materials.

Woven labels and tapes, ribbons and embroidered badges, printed and plastic labels, leather patches, paper hangtags and packaging, eco-friendly fibers, natural and sustainable materials, visit the company’s page on the Marketplace and meet the Cadica team in Berlin stand B5.

Don’t miss out on the next Denim PV show settled for the first time in Arena Berlin on May 17 & 18!


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