R-ECOLOGY by REALKOM: ‘’Sustainability should not cost more ’’

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We are aware that the world is facing an ever-growing water shortage and the world’s resources are to be managed by all water users in a responsible manner. As chemistry plays a significant role in our designs. Our wash skills evolved in making sustainable chemistry calculations.

We provide benefits of the concentrated waterless enzyme “Realzyme Gold” formulated by “Realkom” and “Denim Chemical” as an alternative to the pumice stone used in the standard process, which is the result of our sustainability studies.  

We also replaced all chemical substances by environmentally friendly organic chemicals. Today Realkom laundry is only using organic chemicals and avoid using potassium permanganate and any other toxic chemicals. The organic chemicals we formulate have GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification and member of ZDHC platform.

In the profession of denim, a big change is taking place. Digitalization and technology are taking a crucial place and are shaping the fashion industry and consumer choice. The environmental and social footprint of denim becomes smarter with these game-changers. This is why the contribution of innovation is becoming more and more crucial to the functioning and efficiency of Realkom’s operations.

We create the most efficient production lines by digitalizing all analogue production systems and end-to-end digitalization of production with the “RECORE Software Project” created by our software team and engineers. In this direction, we continue production in a technological structure that can collect Realtime data, which constantly improve itself thanks to instant data and quality measurements.

We are proud to present Realkom’s AW23/24 collection totally made through sustainable features and waterless techniques and naturel dyes for garment dyed products.

Also recycled, organic and sustainable fabric base is taking big place in our developments.

This collection is prepared through the least impact for the environment as we set our DNA based on caring about nature, people, innovation, design, and YOU!

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