REVIVE™ by AZGARD9 – Shaping up textile waste to make Fashion good for both people and the planet

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AZGARD9 reckons the care for people and planet as an indispensable measure of sustainability. The natural resources of our planet are not infinite, thus we really need to conserve and regenerate, so there could be a secured and resourceful future for the generations to come. This strategy is cornerstone of all our innovations.

As the name suggests, REVIVE™ incorporates the circular economy concept; instead of a linear manufacturing model (Take – Make – Waste) it closes the loop by keeping the product in use for a longer time.

The technique radically reduces the environmental footprints related to fashion industry. This vital strategy addresses the global climate change emergency and helps to achieve the targets UNO set for the year 2030.

Every garment carries an unavoidable environmental impact; the greater part of which belongs to material sourcing. Further, there is a great concern about what happens to the garment at the end of lifecycle; 95 % of used garments could be recycled but at present only 15 % are and the rest ends up in the landfills.

REVIVE™ is a textile waste recycling process; making use of post-industrial and post-consumer waste thus reducing the dependency on virgin cotton. The waste is shredded through automatic machines; giving re-birth to quality fibers. For the environment, REVIVE™ recycled cotton is by far better than conventional cotton, even organic cotton.

Based on the color of recycled fibre, it is available as REVIVEWHITE and REVIVE™ BLUE. Further, it is also being offered either as pure cotton or blended with other material (Less than 10 %). Recycled cotton is the most prevalent alternate fibre in our collections. We make jeans that fits like a dream and good for both people and the planet.

REVIVE™ has been extended to the employment of low impact processing technologies; like minimum water usage in production, biomass energy and effluent treatment following the ZDHC guideline. All these abatement efforts, aligned with our motto “Future Before Fashion”, ensure the lowest possible carbon footprints and a green impact on the planet.

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