Bossa AW 23-24 collection with towards zero waste principle

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In the textile world, production mentality and environmental concepts are rapidly changing and developing. 10 – 15 years ago, the use of recycled fibres in cotton yarn production was not preferred. However, due to the rising environmental awareness and the rapidly consumed natural resources worldwide, the use of recycled fibres is increasing. As a pioneer of change for five years, Bossa has increased the use of recycled fibres in the raw material blend required for denim fabric. Bossa’s R&D department has done a lot of work to produce 1st class yarn from recycled fibres.

As a result, starting from 2019, Bossa has begun to use all of its textile wastes in its blend by opening or cleaning them. We believe that this path, which Bossa set out with the zero waste principle, will inspire other stakeholders in the denim industry and that the companies making all denim production in the medium term will adopt the zero waste principle.

Bossa, which has transparently explained its production figures for the last three years with “Towards Zero Waste” booklet, will continue to annually report its production values. Our main target in this collection is Towards Zero Waste. In line with this goal, recycle cotton is used in many of our products.

When we start every Bossa denim collection, we think about cultural trends and influences. We want to fit our denims in the consumer’s movements and directions. So we create frames covering the different aspects of the denim/jeans trends. We fill these frames with our ideas, our innovations.

This season, we divided the collection in 3 groups:


It is all about reconciling with planet earth and enjoying its outdoor wonders with a sustainable approach and weatherproof fabrications that can be functional as well as comfortable. The healing power of fresh and pure air as an escapism from the routinary world. Green is beautiful!


Effortless and ease is a common denominator for the season to come. Staying true to loose cuts and true blue washes, Easy does it, expresses the sophisticated side of casual dressing while respecting the codes of elegance and quality. A gender-fluid aesthetic that makes an easy wardrobe share with your partner. His and Hers to its maximum exponent!   


Upcycling denim into reconstructing exciting new silhouettes for a modern take in casual wear. Tailoring made easier thanks to the patched detailing and reconstructed garments. An architectural and intellectual approach to an ancestral Japanese technique.

It is time to Frankenstein your closet!

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