The bag is back! The Denim PV backpack: a smart collaboration!

The bag is back! The Denim PV backpack: a smart collaboration with Baykanlar Tekstil, Naveena Denim Mill and Panama Trimmings.

For its second edition in London, Denim Première Vision is spotlighting exhibitors’ know-hows and sustainable commitments through a collaborative project: a branded backpack.

Dive into a creative and eco-friendly collaboration between Baykanlar Tekstil, Naveena Denim Mill, Panama Trimmings and Denim Première Vision.

A dark blue denim by Naveena Denim Mill

For the Denim PV backpack, Naveena imagined a strong, dark blue denim. Naveena’s motto is: “Tradition is our heritage. Innovation is our future.” Naveena believes in connecting the two and conveying a meaningful message on which to build the future of authentic denim, combining traditional constructions, old-school yarn characters, and medium to heavier weights in classic shades.

BEAM DENIM, is the latest addition to Naveena’s transparent blues line, gathering sustainable materials and processes, including their flagship fabric HORIZON.

BEAM DENIM – Laser sensitive with an authentic look. 

Specifically designed for laser applications, Beam Denim is easy chip-off, saving energy, water and time of rework.

Replacing or complementing traditional methods of discoloration, abrasion, decoration, marking, engraving and cutting, Beam Denim provides natural shade and used effects and very precise engravings.

Reducing times of rework for hand scraping & whistler, it also easy on the environment, saving energy and water without harsh chemicals.

HORIZON – The most sustainable denim fabric ever

An innovative and cutting-edge combination of eco-friendly dyeing and finishing processes, HORIZON provides the cleanest and most sustainable denim fabric possible.
HORIZON combines Naveena’s existing Ecolean + Aqualter processes for dyeing and H2NO for finishing, reducing dramatically the effluent load while saving water, time and energy.
Using 81% less water, 40% less energy and %50 less steam compared to conventional process, HORIZON improves EIM score by 40%. It also provides less water dyeing for indigo colors with no salt formation.

Compared to similar product lines on the market, HORIZON also guarantees no back-staining and improved crocking.

About Naveena

Panama Trimmings’ sustainable straps

The Panama Trimming straps give an atypical and elegant look to the Denim PV backpack. The straps are made with a super-innovative product: a sustainable PU material made from Viridis, derived from vegetal polyols.

Panama Trimmings is constantly implementing sustainable solutions to preserve the environment. The company awareness of environmental issues is manifested in its tireless research into recycled materials. Now more than ever, sustainability represents Panama’s core value.

A PU material made from vegetal polyols – now it’s possible!

Could an oil derivative become a fair vegan good? In fact, it can – and already is. This new creation is a PU material made from vegetal polyols, and has never existed till now.

Despite its outwardly difficult origin and description – polymers from raw plant-related renewable materials – its performance is easy and brilliant: a vintage look, thanks to the presence of special waxes, gives it a natural pull-up effect, and the material can be hot printed like real leather.

The company’s research and environmental awareness has steadily been directed towards environmental respect and the support of sustainable materials. Viridis – the company’s new animal-free PU leather – is the result.

At the show, you’ll discover Viridis in two colours, grey and cognac, used in the backpack.

About Panama Trimmings

Baykanlar Tekstil

For this December 2019 edition, Baykanlar Tekstil manufactured the Denim PV bag: a practical and sustainable backpack!

Baykanlar, founded in 1998, is one of the leading global denim manufacturers. The company produces designs for brands that represent the inspirational interests and lifestyles of people from every continent.
They strongly believe in the significance of innovation, sustainability and social compliance. These fundamental criteria are crafted into each product.

About Baykanlar

Don’t miss the chance to get your own exclusive backpack and discover all the know-hows and commitments of Denim PV’s 97 exhibitors next 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show at Printworks in London.

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