FashionArt: a leading luxury and fashion design company

Founded in 2008, FashionArt Srl is an Italian company focused on luxury fashion and design with expertise in the design, creation, packaging and manufacturing of clothing items.

It is a manufacturer for the most important luxury brands, with a focus on garments and accessories. It has an audited supply chain, and is 100% based in Italy with ‘Made in Italy’ certification. The company takes responsibility for the environmental and social impacts of their own activities, and ensures high standards of quality, respect for all individuals and environmental protection by contributing to sustainable development. They supports a number of schools in the province of Padua by donating the necessary materials.

FashionArt takes care of the entire production process: from the initial idea to the finished product, guaranteeing creative, exclusive and high-quality collections while also respecting both social and environmental sustainability.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

These are fundamental pillars for FashionArt when defining its development strategies, as well as playing an indispensable role for the global economy and sustainability in general.

FashionArt takes responsibility for the environmental and social impacts of its own activities, being accountable for its decisions by acting in an ethical and transparent way that:

  • contributes to sustainable development, including the health and well-being of the general public
  • takes into account stakeholders’ expectations
  • complies with applicable laws both in Italy and in the foreign countries where it operates, and remains in line with international standards of conduct
  • is integrated throughout the company’s organization and is implemented in all of its business relationships.

Fashion Art

The main difference between today’s concept of Corporate Social Responsibility and past initiatives lies in the willingness of companies to strategically manage their activities and develop tools to reach specific objectives.

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About Fashion Art

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