Dream of Nile By Sharabati Denim

Sharabati Denim was founded in 1978 in Syria, the birthplace of the textile industry. One of the first companies to produce denim in the Middle East region, the company has, since 2004, moved its location to Egypt and Turkey. Over the years, the brand has grown rapidly to become a fully integrated textile manufacturer, covering the complete production cycle, right from the cotton bale.

That is why the company will be exhibiting its products at the Denim Première Vision show on 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

Sharabati Denim’s SS21 collection

A leader in the denim industry – with a manufacturing capacity of 100 million meters per year, production facilities in Egypt and Turkey, and sales offices in eight countries – Sharabati Denim is ready for the SS21 season with an updated collection.


Everything in this collection, which can be summarized as Sharabati Denim’s signature sustainability effort, has been exclusively designed  – from fabrics to washings, accessories to promotional material.

The products in the Ecocentric collection:

Sharabati Denim

Sharabati Denim

Licensed fabrics made with Organic Cotton, BCI, and CMiA (Cotton Made in Africa), GRS-licensed fabrics made with yarns recycled at Tadweer, our own recycled-yarn factory. Fabrics are coloured with dyes that use up to 60% less water, 50% less energy, and 10% less chemicals, and that are suitable for sustainable washing, along with fabrics manufactured from natural fibres.

Dream of Nile

Unique Fabrics

These unique fabrics are all manufactured using Giza 86 cotton, regarded for centuries as the world’s best cotton, cultivated only in Egypt’s Nile Delta.

With its extra-long fiber content, the fabric is incredibly soft and has a shiny silkiness.
In addition to the fibre’s high-resistance to tearing, it looks as good as new without wearing down for a long time.
Due to its natural texture and porous structure, the fibre doesn’t prevent the fabric from breathing.
The Dream of Nile fabrics take sportswear to an entirely new level and are unrivaled, especially in luxury wear.
All of the fabrics, woven in various constructions including denim and gabardine, have received the Egyptian Cotton certificate.

Sharabati Denim

Sharabati Denim

Denimlovers, Uniflex, Diversity, and Tailormade

Sharabati Denim’s diverse collection concepts are known for their unique content, and presented to your taste with fabrics developed for summer, and renewed models and washings.

This season, in addition to fabrics made with modal and linen, the collection also includes fabrics made with breathable Coolmax yarn, which prevents perspiration in hot weather.

About Sharabati Denim

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