Meet the Smart Talks speakers

Next 3 & 4 December, Denim PV will host a series of Smart Talks featuring sustainability game-changers. 2 days, 4 Smart Talks, 14 speakers will share their visions & experiences and answer all your eco-responsible fashion questions.

Sustainability: If not us, then who?

The Jeans Redesign, Let’s make fashion circular

Meet Lukas Fuchs and Rune Gade on Tuesday, 3 December at 12.30pm for SMART TALK #1 to discuss The Jeans Redesign – Let’s “Make Fashion Circular” (Ellen MacArthur Foundation).

Meeting with Lukas Fuchs

Member of the Make Fashion Circular team

He was involved in writing the report ‘A new Textiles Economy: Redesigning fashion’s future’, which focused on recycling technologies and material innovation. More recently, Lukas has played a major role in developing Make Fashion Circular’s latest project, ‘The Jeans Redesign’, which he is now managing.

Make Fashion Circular >

Tech-innovation: the invisible power

There’s more to it than meets the eye!

Come meet the innovators on Wednesday 3 December at 3.30pm for SMART TALK #2 to discover Tech-innovation: the invisible power.
Fashion technology is invisible. It does not show off like self-driving cars, robotics, 3D printing or virtual reality. But its potential goes much further. We have invited cutting-edge innovators making a difference in production, in processes and with materials. There’s more to it than meets the eye.

Meeting with Giannis Tzortzis, Ricardo Garay and Cheri Buell

Who is Giannis Tzortzis?

Area Sales Manager / Member of the Research and Development Team
Supreme Green Cotton Ambassador / PR Manager at Varvaressos SA

Tzortzis started his career in textiles as a member of the production team at Varvaressos SA, where he got to know first-hand the spinning processes and properties of a fine yarn, as well as the technical details and the importance of high-quality raw materials.
His Ancient and Modern Hellenic Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, although at first glance would have nothing to do with textiles, brought a fresh and different perspective, by assisting in the implementation of the holistic philosophy, as taught by his Greek ancestors.
Furthermore his passion for communication, education, sustainable innovation and differentiation led him to his current role in the Sales and Marketing department of Varvaressos SA, where he was also appointed a Brand Ambassador and PR Manager of the Supreme Green Cotton by Varvaressos SA.

Varvaressos SA >

Ricardo Garay

Who is Ricardo Garay?

Regenerative Textile & Systems Strategist

Garay’s background as a farmer, researcher and designer have shaped his deep understanding of restorative production practices. With over 10-years experience in mixed crop regenerative organics & carbon drawdown; Ricardo is a Regenerative Textile & Systems Strategist. As a result he holds degrees from UC Davis: B.S. in Sustainable Agriculture as well as an M.A. in Sustainability in Fashion; ESMOD Berlin University.

Circular Systems SPC >

Who is Cheri Buell?

Product Manager Development and Experience for Evrnu

Buell is the head of Product Development and Experience for Evrnu, a textile innovations company.  She is a fashion merchandising expert and collaborative retail operations leader. She is responsible for product development and brand partnerships utilizing NuCycl by Evrnu, an engineered fibre with extraordinary performance and environmental advantages, made from discarded clothing.


Designers: the enzymatic agents of the fashion business

Denim PV has invited emerging and established visionary designers committed to triggering a positive change on Wednesday 4 December at 12.30pm.

Meeting with professionals in the sustainable fashion industry

Who is Priya Ahluwalia?

Winner of H&M Design Award 2019.

Ahluwalia graduated with a masters in Menswear from the University of Westminster in 2018 and was in the first ever cohort of the MA Menswear course. Ahluwalia’s SS19 graduate collection was showcased in a London Fashion Week: Men’s Show and went on to receive industry-wide recognition, being featured in i-D, Vogue…

In November 2018, out of 10 finalists, Ahluwalia went on to win the H&M Design Award 2019. The judges commented on her dedication to sustainability whilst having a fresh and forward-thinking approach to technique, silhouettes and materials.

Through her brand, “Ahluwalia Studio”, Ahluwalia takes elements from her dual Indian-Nigerian heritage and London roots and explores the life of vintage and dead stock clothing, using textile techniques to give them new life. Ahluwalia Studio is a brand that focuses on creating unique forward-thinking garments for the modern man, using responsible sourcing and manufacture techniques.

In addition, due to her dedication to fair and complete education for all, Ahluwalia has worked with The Princes Trust and schools in South London to ensure that children and young people from underprivileged backgrounds have an output for their creativity, and access to a bank of skills to help to pursue careers in the creative sector.

Ahluwalia Studio >

Sandya Lang

Who is Sandya Lang?

Sustainability manager at Nudie Jeans

Lang is an Experienced Sustainability Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the apparel and fashion industry in Europe and Asia. In addition, she is skilled in Corporate Social Responsibility, Sustainability, Logistics Management and Strategic Planning. She is a strong community and social services professional with a Master’s degree focused on Development studies (CSR) from the University of Gothenburg.

Nudie Jeans >

Who is Marizio Zaupa?

Chief Designer and Product for Man Denim collection’s at Jacob Cohën Company Spa.

His relathionship with Jacob Cohën’s is a long-lasting one, in 2010 Mario Zaupa become style and fashion consultant for the brand alongside co-founding MASSAUA label with Nicola Bardelle, Jacob Cohën’s founder.

During last years Maurizio has designed for PT, Roy Rogers, Moorer collaborating for special project and capsule collections.

In 2008 he founded his fashion consultant agency 7ALUNA, collaborating with brand  such as: Incotex Red, CP Company, Marlboro, and many others.

His background in fashion, during 80s and 90s is deeply consistent, he covered any kind of role inside several denim’s label.

Jacob Cohën >

Marizio Zaupa

Connecting Consumers to Contemporary Smart Fashion Values

Department store spending on sustainable products is constantly increasing. Join Ida Petersson, Barbara Guarducci, Sandya Lang and Saskia Terzani on Wednesday 4 December at 3.30pm to talk about smart fashion values.

Who is Ida Petersson?

Menswear and Womenswear Buying Director Browns.

Petersson’s day job is all about finding amazing things that we all want/need (and amazing things we didn’t even know we wanted/needed) and hitting up a bajillion endless appointments to see and buy said amazing things. But it wasn’t always this way. She studied law, and it was only after a post-graduation chance encounter with a buyer on her travels that the fashion flame was fanned. In fact, upon returning from her travels she immediately enrolled into LCF to study buying. She spent time at Harvey Nichols and Net-A-Porter and is currently at Browns, where she is going to blow your minds and your budgets.

Browns >

Ida Petersson

Barbara Guarducci

Who is Barbara Guarducci?

Creative Director

Guarducci is based in Tuscany, specializing in textile design and craft projects.  She has overseen a diverse range of projects around the world with such design industry leaders as Ferragamo, Agnona, Cucinelli and Peter Marino. Also, her innovative collaborations link artisans to the fashion industry and create opportunities for socially marginalized individuals such as refugees, prisoners and those in rehab (notably San Patrignano).  Then she has worked in conjunction with UN agencies and NGO’s and is currently collaborating with Fondazione Zegna.  With a long-standing passion for implementing projects with positive social impact, Guarducci is an inspiration and driving force behind Mending for Good.

Who is Saskia Terzani?

Ex-Commercial Director of Dior Homme in Paris,

Terzani has worked for over twenty years in the luxury fashion realm.  She began her career with Gucci during the heady Tom Ford years, then moved to Hong Kong and Milan for Prada.  Under Hedi Slimane, she held the role of Commercial Director of Dior Homme in Paris, steered the commercial success of Issa, and most recently served as Global Sales Director for Victoria Beckham in London.  Moreover, Saskia’s deep commercial experience, global perspective and extensive network within the industry is the perfect fit to enable Mending For Good’s vision.

Giusy Bettoni, C.L.A.S.S., CEO and Founder, is the moderator of the Smart Talks

Denim Première Vision along with Giusy Bettoni – sustainability consultant for Première Vision and CEO of C.L.A.S.S. sustainable platform – have invited researchers, entrepreneurs, designers and retailers  to talk about visionary strategies, innovations and solutions tackling the impact of the business sector on the planet.

Giusy Bettoni is an expert in the textile value chain. She has superior technical knowledge within the raw material market sector, as well as precise marketing and communication skills.

In 2007, Bettoni created C.L.A.S.S. (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy), with a mission to change the perception of “sustainable” fashion and create an international forum for textiles, fashion, lifestyle and home design. Her company C.L.A.S.S. has become a global resource for responsible material innovation, education, marketing and communication. In fact, Bettoni and her team introduce a new way of design thinking that represents a shift in culture to empower businesses to be competitive and socially responsible.

Bettoni takes a synergetic approach with designers, brands and international organizations to provide brand insight that includes smart fabrics and technological breakthroughs.

C.L.A.S.S. >

Giusy Bettoni

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