The attraction of expressive visuals

The “Fanciful Flair” forum is a wholehearted celebration of visual fantasy and creative graphic designs, and you can now discover it in 3D !

An immersive dive into the world of fantasy to help heighten the visual impact of your collections –  with bold creations, surprising aesthetic proposals, and subtle, lively or mysterious colorways.

A voyage of discovery through decorative know-hows in the light of unique graphic expressions. Novel ways of expressing abstracts, geometry and nature – purposefully pictorial, boldly free, or meticulously drawn.

Directed by Desolina Suter @uraganostudio

Daring to sparkle like a shiny star,
giving a quiver to sequins,
or simply sprinkling precious bits of metal.
Bringing that indispensable touch of extravagance
to captivate with color.

Giving your instincts free reign,
offsetting animal designs with eloquent pictorial effects,
judiciously flirting with bad taste,
to develop grating, clever and 
enticing contrasts!

Pushing tactile effects to a joyful exuberance,
geometrics to an irresistible excess,
and celebrating the sumptuousness of flowers!

Discover all our decodings of the autumn winter 22-23 season in our specially dedicated articles, among also those on eco-responsibility.

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