Autumn-Winter 22-23 : ecoresponsible fabrics

Multiplying recyclings

Recycled fabrics are becoming emblematic of circular solutions. The recycled offer is quite multifaceted, and encompasses the entire silhouette, from the first inner layer of clothing to the sturdy outdoor item, from airy lace to enveloping coat weights, from soft suitings to robust workwear. Recycled polyamides and polyesters outdo themselves in terms of performance in water repellent, fast-dry, bi-stretch and windproof versions, ready to face the most extreme conditions. Recycled polyesters are used for everyday wear such as tops and light dresses, and can even be adapted to tailored garments with fine, dynamic handles, or blended with viscose to obtain feminine suitings and satiny silkies that flow over the body. Recycled elastane is becoming more widespread and lends a new comfort to everyday knits, whether pared-down or with fanciful reliefs. Shirts are also opting for regenerated compositions, with checks with brushed, delicately emerized surfaces, for warm handles.


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