Rudolf Group: Being part of the solution to sustainability challenges in textile

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Despite some negative emotions associated to the chemical industry, there is a growing conscience and understanding that conscious chemical manufacturers can produce specific solutions and remedies our planet needs. And RUDOLF GROUP is leading the pack in textile.

The past 18 months have taught us how quickly things can change. The situation is very complex, but in extreme summary we can say that the lack of available raw materials – combined with high demand – is having dramatic consequences. The supply of many raw materials can no longer be fully guaranteed and, in the future, shortages can get worse, especially if it’s crude oil being scarce.

From the technological perspective, major efforts are undertaken at RUDOLF GROUP HQ in Geretsried, Germany where the R&D team has demonstrated once again some true leadership by broadening the selection of raw materials through the inclusion of renewables that make sense from ecological, economic and social aspects.

Furthermore, in addition to the use of renawables as raw materials, one of the most advanced and progressive frontiers of textile chemistry is the transformation of biomass and waste (natural or not) into substances that can be further used in a greener and more sustainable world. That’s particularly true for waste and while materials such as glass and metals are nearly infinitely recyclable, organic and plastic waste are certainly more challenging. Until not long ago, waste of any origin was an unconceivable raw material for the chemical industry because of consistency and availability issues.

Nowadays, via the selection of appropriate supply channels, through the recycling of organic waste and the chemical recycling of plastics, RUDOLF GROUP presents the textile industry and society with another option: the injection of chemistry that comes from the upcycling of natural and/or synthetic waste.

Both the envisaged challenge posed by crude oil being scarce and the opportunity presented by the recycling / upcycling of various materials were the “inspiration” for OFFUEL®.

That’s a range of chemical auxiliaries for the finishing of denim garments studied and launched by RUDOLF HUB1922, the design and R&D unit of the RUDOLF GROUP that focuses on garment processing.

As there are based on alternatives to crude oil, OFFUEL® products meet two pressing needs of society: the definition of sustainable industrial practices based on renewable sources and the identification of economic alternatives.

The OFFUEL® product series allows for all traditional denim processes: stone-washing, bleaching and stone-bleaching, laser treatments and softening. Basically, a whole range of aesthetics can be achieved through a radical departure from traditional chemistry in an attempt to provide new meaning. And the overall range of looks the OFFUEL® range can create, from dark to light, can be achieved without any tradeoff in terms of aesthetics and/or quality.

For the time being the OFFUEL® range focuses on denim garment finishing and the main goal is to assess the market response to this new breed of chemistry. At the moment OFFUEL® is getting the first enthusiastic reactions from illuminated industry leaders throughout the value chain. 

OFFUEL® is a very good example of those innovations that are close to the hearts of final shoppers and through which RUDOLF HUB122 seeks renewed dialogue and relationships with key players. The OFFUEL® concept is a growth promoter that puts itself at the service of the overall industry and society. And while its technology requires some very minor changes in the washing process, these perceived, small pain points can turn into fantastic, transforming opportunities.

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