Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 43

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion

Episode 43: Alberto De Conti, Head of Marketing and Fashion Division at Rudolf Group (Chemical Company for the Textile Industry)

Did you know that chemistry plays a major role in the sustainable transition? Today, Smart Creation invites Alberto De Conti, the Head of marketing and fashion division at Rudolf Group. As the leading conscious chemical partner for the global textile, Rudolf Group aims to provide innovative products in a responsible way. 

Alberto identifies the challenges and also the solutions regarding the current state of the textile industry. If the lack of materials is for sure something we need to pay attention to, saving resources by optimizing processes and finding alternatives to current practices are the leads to follow. 

Adding to that, the recycling issue of any material. Some need to get rid of initial chemicals, others are simply not the easiest to recycle, but that’s what Rudolf is here for: think about process and develop new practices compatible with the current stakes. 

In this episode, Alberto also gives us a highlight on chemical denim process alternatives, and his thoughts about democratized fashion.

 “Everything is chemistry, so the question should be: what kind of chemistry should we adopt ?”

“Chemistry can be eco-friendly and it must be.”

“One of the most advanced and progressive frontiers of textile chemistry is the transformation of biomass into substances that can be further used.”

“I believe in the enthusiasm, drive, and creativity of youth.”

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