MARİTAŞ DENİM continues to develop circular products such as CYCLE FX and TERRA DENİM that comply with life and sustainability ethics

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At MARİTAS DENİM, we invest on projects with our partners and brands that are ambitious to transform the industry to circular economy by the idea of “from nature; for nature; into nature”. We believe sustainability is based largely on actions, the actions of people. In addition, ethical sustainability requires certain degree of recognition.

Realizing the concept of sustainability as a tangible word and creating a transformation wave that will reach out the end of consumer through brands is not that difficult. We can do it together!

It comes down to an ethical responsibility we all have around the way we design and produce fabrics in our industry. From the get go, we have to decide if the product will have a short life or a long life, and if it is going to be recycled, or if it can be composted and go back into nature.

If we can get to the point where garments are being made and planned for their end of life, then we can innovate to develop the right fabrics and products, to ultimately change the industry.

In the textile industry, the biggest issue still is blended fabrics. Especially in stretch jeans, if you use synthetic component  with high percentage in compositions, then it can not be recycled or composed. So, is there a sustainable solution for high elastic jeans?The only solution is CYCLE FX, an innovative combination of fiber, spinning, weaving, finishing techniques that triggers the fashion industry to produce “Recyclable, high elastic stretch jeans” with perfect recovery performance.

CYCLE FX products are 100% circular and contain only cotton, recycle cotton and elastane.

. There is no 3rd supportive synthetic yarn. CYCLE FX is designed to create recognition on circularity in compatible stretch technologies. It is a futuristic, young and dynamic stretch line that perfectly blends in life.

The TERRA DENIM concept is our innovation inspired by nature. The principles appear simple: applying the genius of nature to denim dyeing. Along with mimicking nature’s operating instructions, as MARITAS we are applying nature’s own true technologies and materials directly for environmental change.

Produced with zero chemicals in the dyeing process, it uses unique chemical free colouring by using natural techniques and materials, such as clay. Clay minerals have attracted great interest thanks to their biocompatibility and appealing properties: non-toxic, UV resistant, antibacterial, skin friendly…etc. TERRA DENIM products are biodegradable and after their lifespan expires, they dissolve in nature, leaving no waste behind.

TERRA DENIM concept emphasizes clay dying history from the past applied to modern day as it’s been discovered ages ago but keeps sustainable ethics and technology inside. We consider the past to make our path forward in this sense. In the same context we also launched DMZ 21 project, and as the sponsor of this archaeological discovery, we are so excited to give back all this to our community and people.

DMZ 21 is abbreviation for Domuztepe, which is an archaeological excavation site in our motherland Kahramanmaras, BC7500, our ancestors settled and founded the very first villages in Anatolia. These people were artist, engineers and designers as we discovered on pottery remains where we found nearly the same archaeologically important symbols as the carvings on Göbeklitepe monoliths.

To find out more, visit MARİTAS DENİM website and our page on the Première Vision Marketplace.


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