Key leather colours for Autumn-Winter 22-23: when colour enhances the season’s leathers!

The colours of AW 22-23 act as formidable catalysers to reveal the beauty of leathers and underline the singularity of materials. The leather palette celebrates the energy and power of colour with bright or contrasted tones, while combining controlled luminosity and sophisticated pigmentations that create surprises on the surface of skins.

Metallic darks

Warm metallizations

Browns are popular this season and accompany the desire for timeless beauty, embellished by precision finishes. Deep browns with raw chocolate notes are decorated with a luxurious glaze. Finishes partially pigment the skins and take on brushed or stamped effects that intermittently catch the light. Warm shades also tend towards greener hues, evoking bronzed aged metals, while caramel shades bring to mind antique gold. In redder tones, browns range from fiery earth to an intense purple.

In metallic versions, they appear in shades of incandescent amber. Applied in successive layers, finishes combine irregular patinas and metallizations, decorating the skins with delicate golden highlights. In rich and opulent shades, the effects of precious shine revive the voluptuousness of a pelt or the naturalness of a skin.

Mysterious hydrocarbons

A game of light and shade infuses the colour palette for next Autumn Winter.

Deep colours – nearly blacks but also inky blues, smoky greys and voluptuous purples – are illuminated with lighter, temperate shades. Rich metallic vibrations give structure to the surface of skins and create changing oil-slick effects. Iridescent effects like a prism of colours give the impression of a reflective shining layer. In the darkness they add a mysterious power to the season’s leathers and furs. In a bolder register, these sombre tones are enlivened with more contrasted touches of light that showcase the texture of exotic skins and allow us to dream of phantasmagorical animals.

Luminous halos

Natural blending

Taupe and grey shades of colours add a muted nuance to hides. They are moderated with luminescent, slightly iridescent accents and can be imagined on suede or shearling.

Bringing to mind the mist of a winter’s morning, the light pink “lueur rose”, the icy blue “magic pool” and the coloured beige “laine nue” shimmer on the surface. Like artificial haloes, these acidified pastels are enlivened by a chiaroscuro effect. The shiny finishes and patinas are irregularly disseminated over the skins. Blended and gloomy appearances are inspired by the delicateness of flowers and plants trapped in ice. Matt pearly effects coat skins with a velvety appearance and shorn pelts resemble vaporous lichens. In homage to surreal polar animals, smooth furs and shearling skins produced in light shades are decorated with bright yellows on tips.

Changing highlights

In a bolder register, colours anchor us to virtual universes and plunge us into parallel worlds.

Barely-coloured neutrals in taupe and grey shades, are enlivened with bolder colours such as the primaries from the Première Vision range: red carpet, vert jackpot or cosmic blue. A more exuberant and festive style that decorates the rebellious tips of tousled pelts and suggests extraordinary animals.

Next season’s colour range is characterised by its diversity. Dark and mysterious colours are enriched with precious patinas. Almost unreal, luminous halos oscillate between refreshing pastels and more fantastical contrasted touches of colour to enhance skins.

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