Hostess outfit Denim PV: The French Workwear Salopette.

Next 3 & 4  December at Printworks London, Denim Première Vison will re-outfit the show’s hosts & hostesses in a new, super-stylish Denim PV uniform: a 1960s vintage French workwear jumpsuit.

This unique uniform comes from an extraordinary collaboration between Denim PV, PeppinoPeppino, The Tailor Pattern Support, PG Denim and FashionArt.

Take a peek behind the scenes of the design of the Denim PV uniform…

Who’s behind PeppinoPeppino?

Meet Simona Testucci, the woman behind PeppinoPeppino. In March 2015, Testucci founded a web magazine focused on denim, vintage workwear and a Japanese aesthetic: PeppinoPeppino.

I started PeppinoPeppino because I felt there was a void in the market and I thought I could address that void.

And then came: PeppinoPepinno Denim… a brand-new denim line launched last June.

This niche premium denim line is freely inspired by authentic workwear and military pants – adhering to the same volumes and details, combined with the simplicity of a Japanese aesthetic.

The core business of PeppinoPeppino? High-quality products featuring unconventional, atypical denim silhouettes, that are nonetheless on-trend and easy to wear.

Alessio Berto has been a crucial partner in this journey.

French workwear inspiration

The Denim PV Uniform

The Denim PV uniform is the result of an amazing collaboration between Denim PV, PeppinoPeppino, The Tailor Pattern Support, PG Denim and Fashion Art.

For this uniform, the team chose a 1960s vintage French workwear jumpsuit.

Alessio Berto, pattern maker and creative consultant for PeppinoPeppino denim, perfectly revisited the silhouette, keeping the same overall volumes and details.

The “one size fits all” jumpsuit was manufactured in Italy at FashionArt using a premium PG Denim selvedge fabric.

About Alessio Berto, Denim Pattern Maker

Alessio Berto began his career by drawing inspiration from his favourite designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Katharine Hamnett and Chanel.

His experience in small and large companies led him to a broader and more advanced vision of creating a paper pattern. Eager to challenge himself, he is able to work on a broad range of projects and retain an open mind.  He is thus able to tackle a variety of different kinds of garments: from technical to denim, sport to casualwear, trousers to shirts and outerwear.

During the first 25 years of his career, Berto worked for the top companies in northern Italy, creating styles for Jean Paul Gaultier Jeans, Katharine Hamnett Jeans, Andrew Mackenzie, Replay, Kenzo KI, Boy London, Chanel Sport, among others, thus realising his early dreams. In 2012, Alessio Berto decided to share his experience, his “progressive” pattern-making method, his firm commitment to detail and reliability, by creating The Tailor Pattern Support, a consulting firm providing patterns and prototypes as well as training and workshops.

At the Studio, an archive of vintage garments is available to clients to give the construction of the garments an authentic identity rather than a merely standard approach.

Discover a denim workshops series by Alessio Berto at the show!

About PG Denim

From its beginnings, PG DENIM has been dedicated to denim innovation and creativity.

PG DENIM offers a broad palette of products for denims to fashion, breaking down the industry’s traditional borders. Manufactured garments correspond to different market niches, with a strong focus on medium-high and high-end productions with a tailor-made approach that makes them unique. The range is dedicated to menswear and womenswear, covering some raw proposals but also super-vintage ones. Their agile and versatile structure makes the most of the company’s deep-rooted expertise in denim and textile creation, setting the rules for a new production model.

About FashionArt

FashionArt is a company focused on luxury fashion and design. They are experts in designing and producing fashion garments based on their long experience and custom approach. From the initial idea to the final product, all production is thought out with a creative, exclusive and high-quality approach. Of particular importance is the major project begun four years ago to create a production chain in a sustainable “Compliance world” system, with a focus on an Ethics Code.

Come discover this exclusive collaboration live at the show!

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