Maker*Lab, a creative and experiential area

Over the past several editions, Denim PV has proved to be the ideal place to experiment with everything and anything denim-related. Once again this December, the Denim team will surprise you with a brand new space: the Maker*Lab.

MAKER*Lab is a space for learning, experimenting and creation.
It’s dedicated to select manufacturers and designers with a contemporary vision of artisanal craftsmanship. At the show, they’ll share their creative approaches and the fabrication methods that went into the hand-designed and handcrafted products they’ll be presenting at the Maker*Lab.

This is a chance for you to experiment with artisanal techniques and traditional and modern know-hows, to help you dream up the creations of the future.

Meet the Makers!

Angelo Verga, Contemporary Jewelry

Angelo Verga Contemporary Jewelry is a creativity atelier where Verga designs unique pieces. One of his famous collections is ‘My Jeans’, made entirely of denim fabric and handcrafted silver.


Emina, Textile Designer

Emina is the brainchild of Italian anthropologist and craftswoman Giulia Perin, who has spent the last three years in Indonesia studying local traditional textile-design techniques.

Since 2016, she has partnered with the most renowned personalities in the Indonesian contemporary batik art scene to create a collection of experimental scarves and clothing inspired by the classic decorative patterns of pre-colonial Indonesia.

The Collection consists of unique items of the highest quality. Emina uses 100% silk or bamboo fabrics, dyed with self-made, non-toxic vegetable dyes, to create garments that respect the environment and wearers. Emina is wearable art.


Giulio Miglietta, Chain Stitch Embroidery

In autumn 2017, Giulio Miglietta first began creating bespoke and limited-edition chain-stitch embroidery designs and patches. At Denim PV, you’ll get the chance to purchase some of his limited edition, customisable handcrafted chain-stitched patches. Miglietta will also be offering chain stitched monograms, names and original designs on your own garments for a small fee.


Paul Vogel, Textile Design

In 1991, Paul Vogel set up Paul Vogel Design. Vogel designs seasonal collections, selling them to a variety of international clients. He also works on denim collections, producing concept swatches and advising brands on trends and overall ideas.
At Denim PV, Vogel will be doing live demos on an antique weaving loom.


Raw Hat – Western handcrafted hats

Raw Hat was born one winter’s morning in the Hat Factory F.lli Vimercati in Monza, among the felt, wood, iron and steam, in an atmosphere suspended in time, where the heat of the boiler and the passion of the family that has managed the company since 1953 both evoke a past marked by a passion for work, artisanal tradition and the memory of age-old customs.

A place where mastery and experience, the dozens of manual steps between felt processing, shaping and shaving, result in a unique product, something rich and special: an authentic hat.

As fans of Vintage & Denim and good sustainable practices, we couldn’t not embrace the philosophy of these master hatters.

Raw Hat was born as a productive collaboration, which finds the right value in the use of age-old wooden shapes and manual shapes, in a quality collection inspired by the American western tradition from the beginning of the last century, and the celebration of the myth of the West.


The Denim Dog, Dog’s Luxury Denim Line

The Denim Dog’s founder, Silvia Rancani, a former denim developer and owner and curator of The Denim Window in Amsterdam, has always worked in the Denim Industry and shared her life with dogs.
Now based in Amsterdam, she combines her passions and expertise in her own line of ultimate Luxury Denim Accessories for Dogs. Inspired by her Pekingese Tofu and mini Labradoodle Tattoo, she designs pet products with a focus on quality and ethical manufacturing.


4th Avenue, Textile Design

4th Avenue creates graphics for apparel, gifts and the home.  Each of their carefully selected designers offers a different and unique style that results in a diverse portfolio of artwork that is constantly updated throughout the seasons. Alongside this, they offer a branding service.

Nick Williams has over 20 years of experience in graphics and textile design, working for major brands in New York and London such as Levi’s (head of graphics Europe, Middle East and Africa), Puma (head of graphics worldwide) and Nautica.

Prior to joining 4th Avenue Graphics, Jenny Williams worked as a buyer sourcing, designing and developing products internationally.  She now directs and manages the firm’s designers, ensuring that the brand is constantly producing on-trend and on-brand graphics.

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