Special exhibition: M.O.D.E. – Museum of Denim Elleti X DENIM PV

Next 3 & 4 December at Printworks London, Denim PV will showcase an exclusive exhibition of iconic jeans in collaboration with M.O.D.E – the Museum of Denim Elleti.

After the opening of M.O.D.E. in June 2019 followed by months of success, the Elleti Group, an Italian laundry and apparel manufacturer, will partner exclusively with Denim Première Vision for the museum’s first-ever collaboration with a trade fair.

The M.O.D.E. exhibition at Denim PV will showcase a selection of iconic jeans selected from the 106 pieces in the museum. This immersive installation of over 20 items will focus on three areas of exploration marking the history of denim:

  • The brand identity of jeans, via the main transformations at LEE,
  • How WWII influenced our way of designing, creating and wearing clothing,
  • The history of the overall, an item that forever changed fashion.

The presentation will be curated by the Denim Première Vision team, in collaboration with Cristian Murianni, founder of Milan’s Denim Institute, who will be on-site to give a guided visit of the exhibit.


The Elleti Group was founded in the ‘80s near Verona, Italy, in an area where the most iconic denim brands were operating and producing, thus stimulating the development of a thriving industrial centre of excellence. With 11 production plants located in Italy, Tunisia and Romania, the company is an important reference for the denim industry and one of the leading denim producers in Europe and in the Mediterranean region. In 2016, some 35 years after its founding, the group acquired Martelli Lavorazioni Tessili (1965), the prestigious laundry and finisher.

This edition, you will also discover Elleti as a Denim PV exhibitor!

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Opened in June 2019, M.O.D.E. is a one-of-its kind exposition of historical denim garments dating back to 1850 from the Elleti Group’s private collection. M.O.D.E is the home to some of the rarest and most important Denim garments in the world, a hundred denim garments to disclose a hundred years of denim history. Collected over the years, the Museum displays a multitude of the legendary 501XX, Levi’s Type 201, Type 333, the original 701 (first women’s jeans ever made), some World War II 501s, the original Lee 101 Cowboy, a dozen of Boss Of The Road, several early Stronghold, and numerous other historic Denim brands (some of them no more present on the market). M.O.D.E. is the personal tribute of Luigi Lovato, Elleti Group Owner, to the pioneering spirit, creativity and desire to seek new, innovative solutions of those who came before us. He strongly believes that “not only do these garments tell us their story but they also give us an insight into their ambitious vision. These collected jeans are the true testimony of the extraordinary evolution of this world”. For the state of the garments conservation, their rarity and the numerous quantity available in a unique place, the M.O.D.E. is one of the most important private denim collection in the world.

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