S/S22 Fabric favorites: Highly developed nature

While busily readying the show’s selection of exhibitor’s products for Spring Summer 22, the fashion team paused to give a preview glimpse of one of their favorite directions for next season – nature. An inexhaustible source of inspiration, nature  looks firmly destined for a full reset, aided by the latest technological advances.

This season invites us to discover the fabulous potential found in materials’ natural qualities. Plant origins are a great place to begin discovering synergies and interactions embracing authenticity, agility, comfort and seduction.

The season’s creative directions strive for innovation in a resolutely forward-looking nature, leading the way to inventive and sustainable solutions.

Refined rusticity

The beating heart of the season, nature continues to surprise us, brilliantly expressing its natural qualities with utter refinement.

Plant fibers such as linen, hemp and ramie liberally showcase moving surfaces, proudly displaying their sophisticated rusticity. Precise construction work, slubbed-yarn weaves and particularly elaborate fancy weaves create proudly vaunted surface irregularities. Handles move away from a dry and rough feel towards a softer, supple and malleable sensation, creating a perfect osmosis between authenticity and elegance.

The lightness of these fabrics lends a decided delicacy to an outwardly rustic look, as evinced in linen and silk blends worked in jacquard designs, skillfully alternating opacity and transparency with simplified graphic motifs. Linen voiles boast eco-friendly performance qualities while vaunting their traceability. These come in impeccably fresh, barely pigmented pastel stripes that alternate with stripes marked by a restrained transparency, evoking a certain visual poetry. Plant meshes and nets evoke the delicacy of lace and the beauty of an artisanal and virtuoso technique.

Plant technology

Nature’s sovereign intelligence incites it to dominate and master technology.

Inspired by science, nature thrives on ever more innovative materials.

Technical polyester and polyamide grounds emphasize contrasts with voluminous jacquard designs and imitative designs. Products play with the irregularities of yarns and feature natural handles. Voiles in cotton and ramie blends are imbued with the irregularities of chiné aspects, underlining hybrid and cheerful crossings of genres.

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