S/S22 Fabric favorites: solarized embellishment

As they curate their final edit of exhibitors’ products for Spring Summer 22, the fashion team shares some early product favorites – pointing to a decidedly luminous and solar S/S 22 season. 

Prompted by a yearning for brighter futures and an irrepressible urge for freshness, light radiates a warm and benevolent calm throughout the season’s creative directions.

The idea of creating motion and bringing materials to life resonates strongly and assuredly, drawing on a skillful interplay of luminous waves that ripple across the season’s materials.

Light vibrations

Conveying the promise of casual wear that grows more beautiful with each passing season, these lightened tones are broken down in semi-plains to create soft harmonies and a refreshingly luminous look.

Natural materials – including cotton and cotton-linen blends – are deliberately marked by a certain imperfection, proudly asserting their own simplicity, their own stories and pasts.

Whitened and sun-washed, the colors of organic-cotton jerseys are enlivened by sophisticated washed-out effects.

Like a symbol of the richness of the past, denims turn to washes with a subtly Taschist spirit to embrace their authenticity.

 Fantastical halos

On technical grounds, decorations feature more pronounced light vibrations, and champion an expressive and highly creative effervescence.  

Luminous halos come and go, colliding to create random reflections and illuminating matt, high-performance fabrics, simulating delicately graduated rays of light.

Spontaneous versions resemble clever crossovers of the digital and physical effects of natural light, evoking “arty” opaque sprays for products with a heightened sensory appeal.

Unreal solarization

 Product developments evoke extraordinary universes bordering on the strange. Digital tools multiply motion and light effects for products resolutely focused on the future. These emerge on lightly shiny or boldly silky technical grounds made of ultra-light polyamide or polyester. Solarized, almost holographic waves of light dare bright and forthright colorways, creating intense visual contrasts featuring both shadows and lightened areas.

 The more synthetic, even chemical color harmonies accentuate a more artificial and eclectic direction. Tone-on-tones worked in sulfurous, fluorinated and acidic greens are fiercely intermingled, stepping in this season for camouflage, and recalling the hallucinogenic and even stupefying powers of nature, awakening all our senses. 

These organic upheavals, straight out of a state-of-the-art lab, seize on textured, pleated and wrinkled technical grounds imbued with high-tech performance, to transport us into an augmented reality, one that reconciles nature and science in an idealized and hybrid world.

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