A closer look at Première Vision’s American offer with Igor Bonnet, Chief Operating Officer.

By creating international events, Première Vision’s goal is to support the market and reflect the trends and evolution of the fashion industry’s main production and consumer sites worldwide. Première Vision New York and Première Vision Sport in Portland are complementary events focusing on the needs of the North American market. Organized twice a year, once in Winter and once in Summer, the 2 events are designed to accompany buyers and suppliers with a global vision of the market.

We asked Igor Bonnet, Première Vision’s Chief Operating Officer, to tell us more about this unique American offer.

What are the main differences between the American and European markets?

Igor Bonnet: “In North America, there is a high-quality offer even if the market is smaller than in Europe. On the other hand, the retail market is much more developed, with different sourcing needs that must be adapted. We are seeing a rebound of American brands choosing higher quality and more creative fabrics. There are also many young designer brands that are very demanding in creative and eco-responsible materials, but this is a fairly generalized movement that is also present in Europe.”

Why is it important for Première Vision to consolidate its presence on the American market with PV New York and the resumption of PV Sport?

Igor Bonnet: “PV is the world reference in terms of creative and eco-responsible fashion. It is important to accompany our partners on the American market, which remains an important outlet for many manufacturers, and this can only be done through a local presence. We have a subsidiary in New York with a permanent team, which allows us to better understand the expectations of the American market and to organize quality events there. New York remains the fashion capital of the United States and we organized our trade show to be closer to our visitors. On the other hand, we also want to develop an offer more oriented towards sportswear and active wear because there are more and more connections between this sector and the fashion sector. So, to keep close to the market, it seems coherent to us to organize a dedicated event in Portland (OR).”

What are the strengths of Première Vision New York?

Igor Bonnet: “Première Vision New York has an international, diversified offer, which is a good sampling of what PV Paris has to offer. We also bring our fashion expertise through a presentation on the season’s fashion and color trends as well as a presentation dedicated to eco-responsibility. The show is also in the heart of Manhattan with easy access for all.”

In Portland, PV Sport is back for its summer date, what makes this show’s offerings so unique?

Igor Bonnet: “The sports market is becoming more and more inspired by fashion and vice versa. There are now many cross-over models. In Paris, Première Vision has developed a large and qualitative offer around the theme of Sport & Tech. We want to bring this selection closer to the North American sports market and offer the local market our fashion expertise, which is unique in the world and can certainly inspire sports brands in developing their collections.”

Will these two American shows follow in the footsteps of PV Paris, where expectations in terms of eco-responsibility are very high?

Igor Bonnet: “Of course, they will! Première Vision has been working on the theme of eco-responsibility for many years, with a dedicated sector called Smart Creation and numerous initiatives to inform, educate and help the industry develop products in a more responsible manner. It is now necessary for the industry to increase the pace, and Première Vision is preparing to play a leading role in this process, with a program that will be rolled out at all our shows, including PVNY and PV Sport.”



July 19 & 20 2022

Center 415

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August 10 & 11 2022

Oregon convention center, Portland, Oregon

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