The Spring Summer 22 Denim Season

Shifting, sensual, sustainable, sophisticated – these tantalizing words perfectly foreshadow the overall mood of the coming Spring-Summer 22 denim season. A season to take up new challenges, to use collective intelligence to forge a new way forward for creativity. Uniting the various players, surfing the dynamic energy of new designers, diving into the exciting vitality of this committed universe determined to surmount the many challenges of our times.

The season appeals to our desires and senses, to the sensation of beautiful materials on our bodies. It invokes the attention paid to fiber choices, production methods, and a sensitivity to sustainable products. Denim reconnects with the beauty of simplicity and sophistication, puts handles at the very heart of the season, and embraces movement in visuals, in three distinct ways which structure Spring-Summer 22.

First, tolerance and caring are becoming more and more important in our lives, and the same is true of products. The “Instability” theme emphasizes the positive side of change, of variability. The transformation of influences, the fluidity of genres and styles, and the notion of life as evolving are primordial to the season. A natural influence is evident in both compositions and visuals, with elegant irregularities, subtle wash-outs, softly sunny shades.

“Flirty” products captivate, envelop and entice. An enviable and captivating suppleness is one of the season’s essential highlights. Agile, soft, dense and fluid, suppleness is transformed by alternating silky compositions, elaborate weaves, precise washings and sensual handles. A sexy sustainability teamed with a resolute lightness. The pursuit of an absolute comfort that proudly vaunts its charm.

The “Thrifty” theme is situated in a more urban universe, with a showcase on the beauty of components, the generosity that comes from simplicity, expressed in essential, functional products. Perfected and sustainable uniforms, delicate surfaces with neat and precise weaves, deep colorways and shy shines. Denim takes a pared-down tack, with meticulous proposals where nothing is left to chance, and every detail is precisely studied and elaborated.

Learn more about the Spring Summer 22 denim season with our two highlights: consolidated sustainability et comfort and distinction.

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