Talk – Driving transformational change in the leather industry

What is responsibly sourced leather and how is Leather Working Group instrumental in bringing about positive change across the industry? Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group will provide an overview of how this world-leading not-for-profit organization is evolving the leather industry through its own global audit standard. Christina will share Leather Working Group’s key focus areas and the roadmaps to achieving the group’s 2030 and 2050 goals, touching on hot topics such as animal welfare, deforestation, traceability, and environmental and social impact.

Talk moderated by Christina Trautmann, Head of Leather Working Group. In 2020, Christina joined LWG from Adidas, where she worked for several years at both the headquarters in Germany and within the Sourcing organization in Asia. Most recently she was responsible for managing the Adidas leather portfolio in the Footwear Material Sourcing team in Hong Kong. She holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemical Engineering, and an M.Sc in Sustainable Energy Engineering from the University of Cape Town.

30 min talk in English.

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