Kasiv Leather Label: Sustainable Denim Matters

Founded in 2003, Kasiv Leather Label has become well-positioned in the industry by virtue of its extraordinary designs, constantly evolving materials, fair prices and deadline-policy achievements in Turkey and in Europe.

Throughout the denim world, Kasiv Leather Label underlines the importance of taking an open-minded approach to sustainability: “We don’t own this world, we just want to make it a better place for everybody!”

The Kasiv product family focuses on sustainable labels – The Final Touch!

That is why the company will be exhibiting its products at the Denim Première Vision show on 3rd and 4th December at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

Sustainable Apple Leather – eco products made from recycled apple by-products

Apple Skin Leather is made from biological industrial waste recycled to create eco-sustainable products.
Biological industrial waste includes the peel and the core of the apple. The aim is to transform these into everyday products, through special recycling techniques and the processing of raw materials.

Sustainable Bio Life – BIO LIFE PU LEATHER

A new sustainable PU option is BIO LIFE PU LEATHER. This new material contains non-harmful chemicals, and is environmentally and ecologically human-friendly.
BIO LIFE LEATHER is produced from polymers derived from waste plant roots and leaves. The material contains over 30% biological content.

Sustainable Recycled Leather

The process of recycling leather involves treating and recycling leather residues. To recycle leather, the resulting blend of shredded leather material (containing 70% natural leather) is glued together with resin. The result is an environmentally safe, “clean” product, that doesn’t pollute the environment.

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