Eco-friendly hemp denim by Naveena

This 3 & 4 December at Printworks London, Naveena will showcase its brand new development: eco-friendly hemp denim.

Naveena NDL has joined hands with Kingdom Holdings – one of the largest manufacturers of hemp in China. Naveena’s commitment to the denim Industry is to reduce its dependence on cotton, and is thus turning to hemp as the best alternative to cotton.

Nonetheless, there are many challenges involved in working with hemp.

As the company has its own spinning facilities, it was able to take up the challenge, and began spinning the yarn. They took bold steps, spinning blended yarns such as cotton/hemp/Tencel with a composition that includes only 49% cotton. 

Naveena has now made a completely sustainable collection using ‘cottonised’ hemp and is very excited to launch this collection at the Denim Première Vision Show in London this 3rd and 4th December 2019.

The objective of NDL Hemp is to preserve the earth’s resources for next generation

 Hemp is a fibre that can, in the future, replace cotton – with properties that are the same as those of cotton… but with even more advantages:

  • Toxin Usage: Hemp does not use pesticides (cotton uses 26% of world’s pesticides)
  • Growth Cycle: Hemp has the fastest growth (3-4 months), while growing cotton takes from 8-9 months
  • Water Usage: Hemp reduces water consumption by some 70% compared to cotton
  • Fibre per Acre: Hemp production (220 to 367 kgs) can be twice as big as cotton production (54 to 201 kgs)

The capsule collection will have 15 fabrics with the following features:

  • Overall composition of up to 51% Hemp in the fabrics
  • Blends of Tencel and cottonised Hemp for a soft handle
  • Cottonised Hemp with recycled polyester REPREVE by UNIFI
  • Fabric finished with OZONE textile technology by Jeanologia

Come to the Denim Première Vision Show in London this 3rd and 4th December 2019 to discover their newest materials.

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