STAFFONLY x PVSZ x IDOLE Co-branded Uniform

On September 26, 2022, Premiere Vision Shenzhen launched its first co-branding project partnering with key players of the vertical supply chain in China——the STAFFONLYxPVSZxIDOLE uniform. The project was selected in the 2nd WWD Sustain 100 list. With the theme of #allinlove, STAFFONLYxPVSZxIDOLE uniform project was created to bring together 3 group of creative force including trend, designer and material specialist to collectively interpret the possibilities of sustainable fashion.

Première Vision, as a world-leading creative up-stream fashion trend platform, it offered an unique trend forcasting system regarding key color and material guidance to inspire the design process.

STAFFONLY, as a pioneer emerging designer brand in China, found by Shimo ZHOU & UneYea, chose 2 key colors of the Première Vision AW23/24 trend——Bright Silver and Hi-tech Lime——to start the design journey. They took inspiration from traditional Chinese straight-linear tailoring, adopts 3D modeling to simulate tailoring and sewing, and designs a pattern that is infinitely close to 100% material utilization, achieving the highest goodwill and minimum waste of materials.

IDOLE, as one of the most successful European fabric agents in China, it provided hemp-feeling triacetin acid fabric,a fabric that mainly composed of natural wood pulp, and to control the environmental protection process from raw material, yarn production, to product production.


Together, we made a voice: Sustainable fashion is love for humanity and our planet. The collaborative action of textile and fashion professionals can accelerate the process of sustainable fashion from the root.

STAFFONLYxPVSZxIDOLE uniform project will be displayed in the Trend Area of the Première Vision Shenzhen AW23/24, which will be held at the Shenzhen world Exhibition and Convention Center on November 21-23, 2022. At the same time, PV Shenzhen volunteers will dress and become the best spokesperson for this co-branding.

Premiere Vision Shenzhen was established to help the ‘worlds leading’ textile suppliers from Europe and Asia to expand their business in the gradually maturing and rapidly growing China fashion market. Continuely, PV Shenzhen will unite material specialists and China outstanding fashion brands, organize diversified creative campaigns to conduct efficient market communication, as well as explore the many possibilities of sustainable fashion business growth in China.

About WWD Sustain 100 list:

As the first product list in the Chinese fashion media world that is based on sustainable features, each item on the Sustain 100 list is the result of a fashion brand that has put sustainable ideas into practice and is a product that can be purchased and used in everyday life. It is also the most practical guide to responsible consumption for consumers who love a sustainable lifestyle and are eager to contribute to sustainability.

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