The PV Denim Fashion District is back in Milan!

The upcoming Denim PV show in Milan will host on 23 & 24 November the second edition of the Denim Fashion District, a collaborative and creative project between denim brands and the show’s exhibitors.

Collaborative capsule collections

And for this second season, 14 ready-to-wear and accessories brands will present their capsule collections produced with the support of 10 international denim experts: Outside Denim Lab by Fabritex, Isko Luxury by PG, Rajby Industries, Calik Denim, Bossa, Kuroki, Kurabo, Fashionart Srl, M&J Group, Nearchimica, Blue Jeans Lavanderie and Tessitura La Colombina.

A second edition marking the return of several brands that participated in the launch of the project last May in Berlin, including the German brand Fade Out Label, the Italians Milena Andrade, Gimmi Jeans and Blue Of A Kind and the British Denzilpatrick.

Take a look back at the first edition of the PV Denim Fashion District ➔

Andrea Bonfini, designer behind Fade Out Label in Denim PV Berlin
The first edition of the Denim Fashion District in Berlin
The Milena Andrade collection at Denim PV Berlin

New brands

The Denim Fashion District, located at the entrance of the Superstudio Più will also host 9 new brands,and as many denim collections to discover: Revibe (France) upcycling platform with RESAP(France), Broke Clothing (Italy), Common Parts (Romania), Hen’s Teeth (Italy), Gallia (Italy), Kentroy Yearwood (Netherlands), Stripes Of-f Road (Italy) and Marsēm (Italy).

Revibe (France)

Revibe is the first clothing platform entirely dedicated to upcycling. It brings together a selection of the best independent fashion designers committed to the fight against clothing waste.

Founded in Paris, Revibe now has over 100 designers from 15 European countries and more than 1500 products, all upcycled from second hand materials or production surplus. A community of designers and premium artists who create unique pieces by combining different materials and techniques.

Discover Revibe ➔

Supported by the Revibe platform in the Denim Fashion District area, 3 upcycling brands will present a selection of products from their collections:

RESAP (France)

Born in 2019, the Parisian brand Resap defines itself as a Maison d’Upcycling.

Specializing in the creation of upcycled patchwork pieces, the brand makes many garments and accessories from recovered denim.

All pieces are made in Paris and some can be made to order.

Broke Clothing (Italy)

The first Italian streetwear brand, Broke Clothing was founded in 1994 in Treviso with the idea of bringing American streetwear to Italy.

100% Made in Italy and linked to the world of skateboarding and snowboarding, the brand creates unique clothing known for the quality of the materials used and their durability.

Common Parts (Romania)

Based in Romania, Common Parts is one of the most promising labels in the growing upcycling ecosystem in Eastern Europe.

Inspired by Pop Art and cartoons, the designer works with textile waste from garment factories in a zero waste process, relying on deconstruction, modularity and patchwork.

Hen’s Teeth (Italy)

What a man really needs to look good and timeless in any situation should fit in one bag. A pair of jeans, a sweatshirt, a t-shirt, a pair of socks and a bandana. And that bag should fit on the seat of a motorbike. And that’s it. From this brilliantly simple idea, Davide Biondi founded his exclusive, casual brand that takes men’s fashion icons to perfection: Hen’s Teeth.

Founded by Davide Biondi, the Italian brand advocates for Made in Italy and timeless and durable pieces, icons of the male wardrobe with a soul.

“Our world is obsessed with growth. Our whole human existence is condemned to unconditional growth, which cannot be stopped by anything or anyone, and whose accomplices are called capitalism and globalisation.”Davide Biondi, Hen’s Teeth founder

When he founded Hen’s Teeth, Davide followed his heart. He simply combined the three things that had inspired him since childhood: Clothes, graphic design and motorbikes.

Discover Hen’s Teeth ➔

Gallia (Italy)

Located near the Italian city of Padua, the Gallia brand focuses on the creation of high-end shirts for men.

Committed to eco-responsibility, the company has always pursued a strong environmental conscience by using innovative materials and favouring internal or local production, allowing it to keep the production chain short and transparent.

100% Made in Italy, the Gallia collections combine elegance, durability and quality.

Discover Gallia ➔

Stripes Of-f Road (Italy)

Paola Verzini and her husband Michele founded the Stripes Of-f Road accessory brand in Verona, Italy in 2007. Instilled with a passion for tailoring and craftsmanship by her tailor parents, Paola still follows this sartorial philosophy in the production of the Stripes Of-r Road bag and accessory collections.

The brand works mainly to order and offers the possibility to personalize the design, from the inner and outer fabrics to the yarns and zips.

Passionate about the world of denim, the designer couple has for several years been pursuing upcycling with the use of high quality, durable and non-fading Italian denim fabrics.

“When I think of our bags, I think of the travellers, the explorers of the past, the people who, when they left, didn’t know when they would return but who could rely on their bags to store their most precious belongings.” – Paola Verzini.

Discover all these brands and their creations in the Denim Fashion District at the entrance of Denim PV on 23 & 24 November at Superstudio Più in Milan.

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