PV Denim Fashion District: Denim PV welcomes brands & designers at the Arena Berlin

For the very first time in its history, the Denim Première Vision show will host 10 ready-to-wear and accessories brands specialising in denim among its exhibitors. A great first for a large-scale project named PV Denim Fashion District, to be discovered on May 17 & 18 at the Arena Berlin.

What is the PV Denim Fashion District?

Designed especially for Denim Première Vision Berlin in collaboration with the Art Practice FLMRS, the Denim Fashion District is an innovative concept that will host the pop-up spaces of 10 denim brands designing clothes and accessories.

New capsule collections, produced with the materials and know-how of Denim Première Vision exhibitors, will be presented by each brand in their space, in addition to products from their usual collections. These exclusive creations will then join their future collections.

This unique project highlights one of the show’s greatest strengths: generating meetings and opportunities within the denim communities. The link between the brands and the industry, a place for research, development, culture and inspiration.

Brands & designers to discover at Denim PV

On May 17 & 18, 10 international brands and designers with different profiles will be present at the show to reveal their capsule collections. Among them: long-established brands, more recent labels and talented young designers who have made denim a real lifestyle. Let’s meet them.


British menswear designer, Daniel Gayle, founder of Denzilpatrick is a pioneer in eco-responsibility and pays particular attention to the sourcing of his materials and the traceability of his creations. We met him earlier this year to talk about his creative process ➔

For the first time for Denim PV Berlin, Daniel Gayle has developed a capsule collection in collaboration with a denim manufacturing plant located in Bandgladesh: Pacific Jeans. The fabrics were supplied by Bossa & Fabritex (Outside Denim Lab).

“The capsule celebrates London’s hedonistic dance seen from the late 90’s which saw the clashing of iconic Italian design (Moschino, Iceberg, CP company…) with heritage English brands (Burberry, Hackett…) to create a unique synthesis of print and colour that represents the joy of the era!” – Daniel Gayle, Designer

Fade Out Label

Based in Berlin, Fade Out Label develops unisex clothing and accessories collections made from upcycled vintage pieces and handcrafted using artisanal methods.

Andrea Bonfini usually work on their pieces by hand, creating collections intended to be timeless.

For this capsule collection, the fabrics come from Sharabati Denim, and the accessories from Komet Metal.

The brand is also behind the Denim PV Berlin campaign image and is involved in the design of the host and hostess outfits with pattern maker Alessio Berto.

Peppino Peppino

Peppino Peppino is a premium denim brand inspired by craftsmanship and vintage clothing, particularly military and workwear.

Peppino Peppino’s mission is to explore the potential of denim, creating unexpected and unusual silhouettes developed in a responsible manner that goes against mass production. The brand’s designer, Simona Testucci, collaborates with praised pattern maker Alessio Berto to create her collections.

“What we offer is an untraditional and anti-fashion way of interpreting and wearing denim – our goal is to be seen as a hit of freshness and newness in the current market.”

Although the brand usually produces its collections in Italy with Italian or Japanese fabrics, the pieces in this new capsule collection were made by M&J Group in Bangladesh, the fabrics came from Kurabo, and the accessories from Panama Trimmings.

Blue Of A Kind

Blue Of A Kind‘s motto is: “The product with the least impact on the environment is the one that already exists”.

Carrying the concept of handmade upcycling, the brand works exclusively with vintage garments or used fabrics with the expertise of Italian tailoring and a contemporary design style.

For this capsule collection, the fabrics come from Orta Anadolu and Kurabo, the accessories from Cadica Group, the clothes are finished by Officina +39.

Gimmi Jeans

Founded by two friends with a passion for textiles, Francesco and Matteo, Gimmi Jeans has chosen to make denim pieces only from what nature has to offer.

The brand offers 100% sustainable denim garments made from hemp and organic cotton blends, combining craftsmanship, eco-responsibility and style.

“By combining innovation and know-how, GIMMI leads you to conscious living with style.”

The fabrics for this capsule collection come from Berto Industria Tessile and Fabritex (Outside Denim Lab).

Milena Andrade

Milena Andrade is an Italian-born Brazilian designer with a passion for perfect jeans.

Launched in Milan in 2017, her women’s denim brand combines her Brazilian roots, Made in Italy craftsmanship, creativity, innovation, and quality.

Committed to eco-responsibility, the brand recovers scraps and old fabric stocks to give them a new life, reducing textile waste but also limiting the use of natural resources.

For this capsule collection, both the fabrics and garments were produced by Rajby Industries.

“We are working on a collection around horse riding specially designed and developed for Denim Première Vision and we are very happy about this new project we are doing with Rajby. We are focusing on quality and comfort for riding with style!”

Milena Andrade, Designer.

Von Dutch

An iconic brand of the early 2000s, Von Dutch made its mark on American culture and spread its flamboyant style around the world, worn by the most high-profile music and movie stars.

Today, Earl Pickens, the brand’s Creative director, unveils denim pieces that invite you to express your style through sustainable and creative collections. For Denim Première Vision, the brand will present new projects for an eco-responsible future.

Earl Pickens collaborated with Soorty for the fabrics and the manufacturing of the pieces for this capsule collection.

Braves & Co

With a focus on timeless garments of handcrafted quality, Braves & Company wants to highlight the skills of Italian tailors and the experience of denim manufacturers through a Mediterranean lifestyle.

Its designer, Stefano Angelico has been based in Hamburg since 2015, where he produces most of his collections, in his showroom workshop.

For this unique capsule collection, the fabrics come from Berto Industria Tessile, the accessories are from Ribbontex, and the clothes were made by Eurotay.

Jonathan Christopher

Based in The Hague, Jonathan Christopher is a Dutch menswear designer.

He is the winner of the prestigious Woolmark Prize in 2015 and the inaugural Global Denim Awards in 2014 with his ‘Nomadum’ collection. It was during the development of this collection that he fell in love with denim and began to experiment with washing and dyeing.

The fabrics for his capsule collection come from Isko Luxury by PG, the accessories from Fec*Serilabel di Facchinetti.

A new kind of blue

Berlin-based design studio, A New Kind Of Blue seeks to promote a new way of producing denim through circularity by considering the final product, not as an end, but as a new step in the creative process.

An innovative circular process that involves recycling old jeans cut into fine fibres and bonding to form a kind of felt that is then industrially embroidered to be used again in the making of new products.

They will be presenting their own collection and material research during the show.

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