Special Report “More eco-friendly than ever”: Gel Egger

Gel Egger, Material Research & Development Coordinator – Salvatore Ferragamo

“Our commitment to sustainability didn’t start with the pandemic. It has always been a goal of the Ferragamo family, but recent events and the interest in eco-responsibility have confirmed our position.

We have been using leather since the company was founded. For several years now, we have been choosing skins produced in a responsible manner, gradually reducing the use of traditional materials to favor those made sustainably. It’s also part of our tradition at Ferragamo – part of its culture of experimentation and creation – to look for and find alternative solutions.

We favor chemical-free materials in order to conserve water, also knowing that such materials will last and be used for a longer period of time. We have also always believed in the value of craftsmanship. We produce locally but require that our partners – especially the tanners – take into account contemporary concerns. We make sure that all the water they use is cleaned before being discharged, so it can be reused. The circular economy is now one of our most pressing priorities – and this involves working even harder to achieve manufacturing and creative excellence. Leather can last a very long time. If a garment is beautiful and well made, the person who owns it is proud of it. Proud to wear it, and proud to keep it.”

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