Special Report “More eco-friendly than ever”: Marie Demaegdt

Textile & Sustainability Manager, CELC – Confédération Européenne du lin et du chanvre

1/ Linen is THE ecological material par excellence.
What are some of its main advantages?
European linen grows without irrigation, is
GMO-free, and creates zero waste. It’s doesn’t alter the soil or rivers because producers – all of whom follow best practices – cultivate it using a system of rotation that favors biodiversity. It’s truly one of the most virtuous plants! The industry is primarily European, with 85% of the world’s fiber production coming from Western Europe, and two-thirds in France. On a line running from Caen to Amsterdam, around
12,000 people are employed in the cultivation and production of linen fiber. This number is on the rise, as the land area has doubled over the past ten years to meet demand. The industry is both environmentally friendly and socially
responsible. Linen is produced in compliance with particularly strict European standards. Finally, in terms of traceability, the sector has established two certifications, European Flax® and Masters of linen®, which are awarded to companies following an audit.


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