Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 46

#46 Hao Ding, Business and Marketing Manager of Covation Biomaterials (Bio-based materials company)

What if fossil-based fabrics were not necessary anymore? Imagine the impact it would have on the planet. At Covation Biomaterials, business manager Hao Ding is acting to make this outcome happen. The company produces bio-based polymers. They’ve developed different products that cover the textile, cosmetic and home industries. Using natural resources like starch and plant-based solutions, the technologies are ticking every box of sustainability, without forgetting high performance and quality characteristics.

If sustainability is at the core of the company’s strategy, it’s because Covation is aiming to engage a conversation with customers, brands, stakeholders and generally, every player related to the supply chain in order to propose an alternative to fossil-fueled polyester fabrics.

In this episode, Hao explains the process, the goals of the company, and his willingness to contribute in a positive way to our industry. You will learn all about the sourcing of the raw materials and certifications.

Sorona, Susterra and Zemea will sound familiar to you after listening to this podcast!

 “If we are able to convince the consumer to use more bio-based solutions, we can actually make a big impact regarding the carbon footprint.”

“The plant stores the carbons in its body. We can turn these carbons into monomers or polymers meaning we don’t depend on the fossil based and we don’t bring extra carbons into the environment anymore. At that point, it is very sustainable.”

 “We are committed to continuously improving in terms of social and environmental impact.” 

“Try to have a holistic view before you make any decision. Think through each step of the supply chain, and also try to think a bit deeper: what could be the impact?”

Learn more about Covation Biomaterials: 

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