Smart Creation, the podcast. Episode 44

Smart Creation, the podcast, invites you to explore the potential of sustainable fashion

Episode 44: Ifeanyi Okwuadi, Founder of his eponymous brand (Menswear Fashion Designer)

Like many of his fellows who had a successful career in the fashion industry, Ifeanyi Okwuadi also did his class at Savile Row. The 28 year old fashion designer based in London indeed learned and understood how to make a garment, and by definition, an impeccable one. If quality is his main focus, it’s certainly for him a way to create a piece that sustains through time. 

He envisioned his collection through the artisanal gesture and that’s probably what made him stand out of the 36th Hyères Fashion Festival. Winner of the Great Prize in 2021, the menswear designer took into account everything that makes sense to him such as sourcing the right fabrics, using great craftsmanship, but also by including his remarkable tailor skills.

In today’s Smart Creation episode, we talked with Ifeanyi about locality, ambition and sustainability from a design perspective.

«It’s really important for me to promote what we have, specifically in Britain like the craftsmanship, the skills and the labourers.»

«In a quality garment you can see the tailor’s construction work, the needlework or everything that is involved in the making.»

«It’s all about the quality of the garment.»

«You can learn from the past, but don’t take away the bits that have gone wrong or failed and work on those things.»

About Ifeanyi Okwuadi & other references

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