More With Less by Lavasser

Lavasser Garment & Finishing Company, based in Morocco since 1993, is a BSCI certified member dedicated to Full Pack in the jeanswear segment for the European and American markets.

It is presenting its proposals for the Spring Summer 2021 season this 3rd and 4th December 2019 at the Denim Première Vision Show in London.

In a response to market needs, product ideas and creation in the jeanswear market have been subject to enormous changes over the past decades. Error reduction, fast replenishment and product versatility are essential features of today’s denim market, within the jeanswear industry, and generate considerable production volumes.

Zero stock and fast delivery

In light of this reality, every production chain has readjusted its production methods with a common goal of economic and productive sustainability, with the following parameters:

Zero stock and fast delivery give rise to the work concept of MORE WITH LESS BY LAVASSER.

The DENIM PREMIUM base fabrics feature high-level construction and dyeing, together with a new generation of chemicals featuring low-temperature high-efficiency, and new laundry processes, such as ozone, nebulization and laser. And it is possible to obtain tone and effect variations in jeans, from 10 to 14 shades in just one blue indigo base fabric, and from 6 to 8 shades in black base fabrics.

Today, considering this new work method in weaving, sewing and laundry, MORE WITH LESS BY LAVASSER is a productive reality, already available to the great majority of the world’s distribution chains and an excellent working tool for buyers and designers.

Hence, MORE WITH LESS BY LAVASSER presents as an added value the following truly sustainable features for the production chain:

Lavasser Garment & Finishing Compan

  • Reduce the number of buys of base fabrics and stock items;
  • Better knowledge of the base fabric at every stage of the production chain, such as modelling, cutting and washing, resulting in a reduction of the rework rate and second-tier items;
  • Operational profitability in all stages.


  • Lesser risk in purchasing, considering the versatility of the stored base fabrics;
  • Faster replenishment as a result of stock items, already sewn at LAVASSER, with several wash options, and adaptive customization of the item after sewing, allowing for an increase of the supply of references at the point of sale, without increasing the number of models;
  • A jeans base fabric adapted to several product concepts: sustainable, fashion and trend.

Today, this new concept is an irreversible reality with enormous benefits for all those involved in the production chain seeking to become truly sustainable.

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