Berto, the sustainable artisan of indigo

Berto is a denim fabric company that was founded in Bovolenta in 1887. Bovolenta is quite close to Venice and the beautiful Venetian lagoon.

For this reason, being a sustainable business for Berto is not the end-goal but a a shared value that has characterized the company since the beginning.

Sustainability at Berto embraces both the beautiful environment that has hosted the company for over 130 years, and the people that work for the company.

Sustainability is a process closely linked to research and innovation. Over the years, all production processes have been redesigned and improved to ensure maximum efficiency, transparency and sustainability.

SPRING SUMMER 2021 Berto collection

For the new SPRING SUMMER 2021 collection, Berto presents a further improvement to its sustainable fabrics.

They have enlarged the offer of GOTS-certified fabrics, made with organic cotton.

They also increased the number of GRS-certified fabrics: for these fabrics, they used regenerated yarns with a particular and fashion aspect.

In this collection Berto improves the use of a special pre-reduced indigo dyeing, which allows the company to reduce the use of chemicals by half (only 15% of all denim mills use pre-reduced indigo).

Berto spring summer 2021 “free spirit”.

The Berto collection was inspired by young people, by that “Z generation” that has a really free spirit but at the same time is personally involved in the fight against climate change.

The company seeks to follow their needs, with an extroverted collection, characterized by special colours and looks, but always with a 360° degree attention to sustainability.

Come to the Denim Première Vision Show in London this 3rd and 4th December 2019 to discover their latest collection.

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